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Philippines In July: A Dream For The Explorer In You

If you are looking for adventure, white sandy beaches, high adrenaline surging activities, exploring the unconquered caves, camping on unexplored islands along with a vibrant nightlife, All in one single country, the Philippines is the country you should be topping your bucket list for upcoming Vacation.
Philippines is an archipelago country clustered with over 7600 Islands. These Islands broadly split into 3 geographical regions namely Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The exquisite island destination located on the western Pacific ocean has a surface area of over 300000 sq feet and is fragmented into some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Read on to discover about the weather and must-visit places and experiences you must try in the Philippines in July

Philippines in July: Weather

Philippines is a classical example of a tropical Island with the temperature being Hot and humidity for most of the year and is coupled with heavy rainfall during the Monsoons. In July the temperature ranges from 26-28 degrees Celcius, while the temp is relatively low compared to peak summer but the humidity level is still high making it warmer during July.

Top Places to Visit in the Philippines


Cebu, one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines has a mainland and group of 167 small Islands and Islets. Cebu is situated in the central region of Visayas and experiences temp ranging from 25 – 32-degree celsius with precipitation lasting for 11 days of the month.
Cebu historically being a hub for trade and commercial has developed into a tourism hub over the years owing to its International and Domestic air connectivity.

Cebu waterfalls
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro, The capital of Misamis Province, is located in the northern region of Mindanao and is a highly urbanized city. The temp of the city varies between 24 – 33-degree throughout July and generally rains for a period of 11 days in July.
The city is known to offers amazing water rafting experience and scenic coastline. The city is also known as the City of Golden Friendship owing to its warm and welcoming culture.

cagayan de oro philippines
Credits: Wikimedia Commons


Bukidnon, The capital city of Malaybalay located in the Northern region of Mindanao is a landlocked city. if you come to the Philippines to experience trekking and Hiking, then Bukidnon is the place you should be in. The city is known to have the best amazing hiking trails and guarantees to quench your insatiable thirst for exploring.
The temperature of the city in July may fall as low as 16 degrees and can reach a maximum of 26 degrees. While Rainfall is expected for 13 days, the first half of the month precipitations are low, hence the ideal time to visit the destination if you plan to visit the Philippines in July.

Bukidnon Philippines
Credits: Wikipedia


Laguna is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. The province of Laguna located in The Luzon region. The province is known for its breath-taking waterfalls and serene lakes. Pagsanjan Falls, Mount Makiling, and lake Padin are few must-visit attractions in the province.

Laguna is located to South-west of Manila and easily accessible by road. The Temperature in July Ranges from lowest of 23 to highest temp of 30 degrees celsius.

Laguna waterfalls
Image source: Google Image


The capital of the Philippines and usually the entry and exit city to and from the Philippines. The Temperature in July hovers around 23 degrees to 31 degrees. The city is well connected to all major destinations in the Philippines. Manila is well connected to most countries in the south-east Asian region by air. Manila is a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant nightlife and has few amazing destinations for a Day trip.

Must-do things in Philippines

Best Dive Spots

Phillippines offers some of the best scuba dives spots around the globe. If you have already crossed the beginner level and want to experience deep Scuba diving then consider the Philippines wouldn’t be a bad idea.
Puerto Galera, Coron Bay, Tiscao pass and Mindoro are the best regions to experience scuba diving in the Philippines.

Philippines Reef Dive
Image source: Google Image

Rent a Private Boat and camping on Islands

In a few Island of Philippines like El Nido you can rent your own fleet and set you to explore nearby Islands. While camping is allowed most of the regions, they do have time constraints. Renting your fleet and exploring a relatively untouched island is a luxury you won’t find in many international destinations, Hence Do consider this on your next visit to Phillippines.

Visit the Waterfall restaurant

Situated in the palatial Villa Escudero resort plantation in The Philippines, this restaurant has its own aura and charm. The restaurant has its own fan base and is part of 70-80 per cent of the itineraries. The restaurant is a 100km drive from Manila and usually combined with Daytrips from Manila.

Treks and Hikes

Philippines has amazing unexplored and unconquered peaks for Hiking and trekking. Mt. Batulao, Mt Maynoba and chocolate hills are few hikes you should surely try in your next visit to Phillippines in July. These treks are visual treats covering a few breathtaking waterfalls and hidden lakes along the way.

Cultural Festivals

While there are many destinations in the Philippines which are relatively unexplored, the culture side of the country is also relatively unheard of. People visiting the Philippines in July, the country has a couple of amazing fests lined up which you surely need to try. Few notable fests are Sandugo festival and the Banana Festival.

The above is surely not an exhaustive list, It takes more than a couple of weeks to enjoy the Philippines to the fullest such is the vastness of this mesmerising tropical Island destination. If you are interested in knowing more and planning to visit the Philippines, check out Pickyourtrail Philippines travel packages and reach out to Pickyourtrail for a hassle-free and memorable vacation

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