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Europe has Biden’s heart – 5 places that explain it all!

In the world of changing travel desires, Biden’s love for Europe has always been a constant. People keep wondering what makes Biden visit and revisit Europe. As we all know, Biden has always been an avid traveler, having traveled to almost 60 countries including many official trips. But Europe holds a special place in Biden’s heart throughout his travel journey, and that’s exactly where he has taken most of his vacations to. Though there have been mixed emotions about his last vacation to Europe, the one thing that was very evident is Biden’s love for the continent. Let’s now get to know more about why Biden loves Europe and the 5 places that he keeps visiting.

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Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Biden’s love for Europe

Joe Biden, the President Of The United States (POTUS), and Jill Biden, First Lady Of The United States (FLOTUS) took their recent vacation to Europe. Besides Joe Biden’s love for this continent, the main goal of this vacation is to spread love and positivity and bring unity among the two nations starting from his presidency. He assured the people in the US that he would take that time to bring peace with Russia.

When Jill Biden’s jacket said ‘Love’, it only shows their love for Europe and attracted the attention of the social media and the citizens of the two nations. With such intent to bring unity, it comes as no surprise that he took his first international vacation to Europe with Jill Biden after taking over the ‘White House’. Joe Biden has a long history with the White House as U.S. senator on the foreign relations committee in the 1970s. When asked, Biden made a statement that they carry love from America to bring unity among all and it’s always joyful to take a vacation to Europe.

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5 places that made Joe Biden love Europe

In Europe, he not only visits his ancestral home Ireland but also many other European countries as well. Starting with his home Ireland to the Munich Security conference to the NATO headquarters to the Balkan countries, Joe Biden’s love for Europe, truly, is endless. There are absolutely many places that travelers love to visit in Europe and below are the 5 places that are always on Biden’s must-visit.

  1. The Balkans
  2. The United Kingdom
  3. Ireland
  4. Hungary
  5. Munich

1. The Balkans

Lying in the corner of Europe, the former Yugoslavia is now a not-so-significant part of world politics and economy. However, The POTUS, Joe Biden has always had been emphatic towards the Balkans. One could assume this is due to the fact that the Balkans have a history and culture not different from those of Ireland. His affinity towards the country was seen when he made the famous speech in 1999 which made Belgrade withdraw from Kosovo. He also stood against the killing of innocents in Bosnia and Kosovo during the 90s. His voices were never listened to initially despite those coming true but Biden never gave up on the Balkans and visited the region many times even after other western leaders treated it as a lost cause.

During his visit in 2001, he told his fellow colleagues, ‘The Balkans are not a strategic sideshow’, which showed his humane nature towards the country. Even after becoming the vice president, he visited the country to make sure that they are reminded he didn’t forget about them. There was also a highway named after Biden in Kosovo. You can feel the emotional connection he had with the region when he said that his dead son loved the country as he does.

2. The United Kingdom

Following his famous victory at the Presidential Election, Joe Biden chose to call the British Prime Minister over any other European leader. This goes on to show how much he admires the country and its leaders. He also said that his focus will be on restoring their alliances. Biden’s affinity had also rubbed on his partner, Jill Biden as she passed on a message of love during the couples’ visit to the UK for the G7 Summit. And when asked about it, she told that they were bringing love from America. One could only expect the POTUS and the FLOTUS to visit the UK periodically in the future.

The UK
Photo by Marcin Nowak on Unsplash

3. Ireland

Ireland is undoubtedly one of the richest countries in terms of history and heritage. But it has also got a close connection to our honorable President of the United States, Joe Biden. His parents were from the Irish stock and he cherishes his ancestral land by visiting the country often. Despite being the birthplace of his parents, Ireland could inspire the POTUS in a lot more ways as he would have grown up reading tales about how his ancestors flee away from the 19th-century famine and went on to create history in various lands, and also he could have related to the struggle of John F. Kennedy, another President of the United States from the Irish Origin. He had claimed in many instances that this rich heritage of Irish culture blend with his parent’s teachings about resilience has made him ‘never bending’ and thanked his Irish culture for the same.

The most famous visit of Biden to Ireland was in 2016 where thousands of locals spent much time with him of which most of them were his extended family. He quoted, ‘It sounds bizarre, but we sat down and it was like we’d known each other forever’.

Photo by Michael on Unsplash

4. Hungary

Hungary stays forever special to Biden as this was his honeymoon destination in the year 1977. Joe Biden and Jill Biden visited two lovely places in Hungary, Budapest and Lake Balaton. It seemed quite not so perfect time to take a vacation at that point amidst the country’s chaos and wars and Hungary wasn’t most people’s choice. On their vacation, they had two days in Budapest where they had a meeting and welcomed by the country’s important officials (Istvan Huszar, Janos Nagy, Rudolf Ronai, and Istvan Torok). It ended up as one great vacation of their lives that they hold a part of their heart for Hungary and keep visiting the country on their European vacation.

Photo by Yanny Mishchuk on Unsplash

5. Munich

Biden has always had a close connection with Munich, Germany even from the days of the Cold War. During Wehrkunde (the German name for Cold War), Biden attended the annual meeting regularly to make sure the diplomatic strategy of the war was in check. During this time, he grew many personal relationships which also played a pivotal role in keeping the west together with the region during times of distress and in the future.

Biden never stopped connecting with and he also attended the Munich Security Conference in 2019 where famously promised the gathering that he will be back and once he was elected the president, he connected with Munich, virtually and declared, ‘America is back’.

Photo by Andrey Omelyanchuk on Unsplash

All about love’ and travel

Joe Biden’s travel journey to Europe stays an inspiration to many travelers from the United States. Are you one among the people that he inspires? Then it’s time you had your European vacation to all the 5 places mentioned above and every other place as well. Looking for suggestions? Reach to our travel experts at Pickyourtrail or have a look at the Europe vacation packages on the website. Keep spreading the love and positivity like Joe Biden and Jill Biden!

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