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The Best Places to Trek near the Atlantic Ocean
Written by Guest Author on May 17, 2022 Share on

The Best Places to Trek near the Atlantic Ocean

While some hikers prefer to trek in the mountains, some would rather walk along the coast. Thankfully, the world is blessed with stunning coastal hiking trails, and some of them are located close to the Atlantic Ocean. With an area of 106,460,000 km², the Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest ocean in the world and covers about 20% of Earth’s entire surface. With an ocean as vast as this, it’s not surprising to find plenty of hiking trails along its coast.

Here are some of the best places to trek near the Atlantic Ocean.

1. Morocco

Morocco is a popular tourist destination famous for its colourful souks and rich culture and history. While most hikers would come here to trek the Atlas Mountains, there are also scenic hikes along the Atlantic Coast, particularly on the coastal paths along the town of Essaouira.

The Atlantic Coast Trek in Morocco will lead you to the beach and dunes in a northerly direction for several days. Your journey will start along the shores of Essaouira, a popular resort town famous for its laidback charm. The trek may also head inland to explore historical sites and discover breathtaking sand dunes.

Your trek along Morocco’s Atlantic coast will also include visiting charming fishing villages to observe how locals live and learn more about the local culture. The trek will also follow the ancient caravan routes of the Portuguese, and you will be spending a few nights in the town of Essaouira to explore the town’s charming side streets and sample local dishes.

2. Tenerife 

Tenerife is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands and lies along the Atlantic Ocean, opposite Africa’s north-western coast. Blessed with more than 140 miles of coastline, Tenerife has a wealth of scenic coastal walks, each offering something special and others taking you to off-the-beaten tracks. Don’t forget to book a villa letting in Tenerife, where you can relax at the end of your hikes.

For easy hikes, the route along Rambla Del Castro is highly recommended. Accessible from Puerto de la Cruz or Mirador San Pedro by the Icod de Los Vinos Road, this lovely walk is five kilometres long and passes through the island’s most beautiful coastline. Some of the route’s highlights are scenic palm groves, beautiful haciendas, and a pirate’s fort, and you can either start or end with a delicious meal at a restaurant in Mirador San Pedro that opens to the stunning coastal views.

The coastal path running below the cliffs of El Sauzal is another scenic route in Tenerife that passes along the Atlantic Coast. Starting in the Mirador de Las Breñas in El Sauzal, the path is about 2 km long. It features rock pools, cave homes, and dramatic rocks pounded by the Atlantic rollers overlooking the stunning view of Mount Teide and Tenerife’s northern coastline.

3. Canada

Atlantic Canada is the region in the eastern part of the country that consists of the provinces located along the Atlantic Coast. It has some of Canada’s most scenic trails, and hiking these trails is a wonderful way to discover the natural beauty of this region. Your hike will take you to thick forests, winding through the East Coast and into the mountain ranges and the most stunning beaches. 

In Newfoundland, the Gros Morne Mountain is a popular destination for trekkers. Trekkers worldwide would come to this region to conquer this mountain. At 800 m, it makes for a truly interesting hike. You could come across birds, moose, chipmunks, and other interesting wildlife along the way. After several hours of trekking, you’ll get to the top, where you will be treated to the stunning views of the fjords and the mountains that will surely take your breath away! 

The Gaff Point Trail in Nova Scotia is another scenic hike to conquer in Atlantic Canada. Just outside the beautiful town of Lunenburg, you’ll find Gaff Point. The Gaff Point Trail is a 7km loop starting on Hirtles Beach and features some of the most spectacular sights. You’ll come across tons of wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and unique geology during your excursion.

4. Namibia

Namibia offers some of the best hiking trails in Africa, from gentle walks to challenging hikes over terrains. The country’s exceptional scenery and breathtaking natural beauty may be the biggest draws for hikers but hiking the coastal routes along the blue ocean waters of the Atlantic Ocean will make you appreciate the beauty of this country even more.

Consider doing a conscientious but luxury Namibia tour, including an off-the-grid experince of the Skeleton Coast for the more adventurous hikers. Lying along the northern part of Namibia’s Atlantic coast, it’s a graveyard for the hundreds of wrecked ships tossed by the Atlantic into the rocks and beaches. What makes it even more unique is that the wrecks are interspersed with the bones of whales that have washed ashore. Although there’s harshness in this landscape, there’s also a spectacular wild beauty worth discovering.

Perhaps, Namibia’s most popular hiking route is the Fish River Canyon, the world’s second-largest canyon. You can explore the stunning canyon for several days, which features impressive rock formations and a maze of twisting gorges. However, the area can only be explored from May to September due to high temperatures.

5. Ireland

Ireland’s stunning coastal views attract countless hikers and walkers from around the world. Surrounded by a body of water, Ireland has the Celtic Sea to the South and the Atlantic Ocean to its west. Thus, a coastal walk is never too far away for those lucky enough to have called this beautiful country their home.

Over the recent years, the Cliffs of Moher in Clare have become very popular with hikers who want to explore the rugged rock formations and accompanying vista of the Atlantic. However, many miss out on the scenic route in the area – a hike from Doolin to Liscannor.

Rugged and sometimes challenging, the trail has a few barriers that separate you from the ocean. There are some cliffside moments which may not be for the faint-hearted. However, it’s worth the effort since you will be rewarded by the stunning views of the Galway Bay, Aran Islands, and the epic Atlantic Ocean.