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Bukit Tinggi
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8 Places to Visit in Bukit Tinggi: Unveiling Bukit Tinggi’s Hidden Gems

Malaysia does give a lot of reasons for travellers to visit this place. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, national parks, rainforests and waterfalls. Malaysia has two parts, the eastern part and the western part. Peninsular Malaysia is the western part and the Borneo Island is considered as the eastern region of the country. This place has a unique mix of religions having the Chinese, Indians and the Malays contribute to the most part. Therefore this place offers a huge variety when it comes to the attractions to be visited by the travellers. This article will take you through the list of places to visit in Bukit Tinggi.

The small town with amazing things to do in the Pahang district is called Bukit Tinggi. After that, this is well known for its horse trail rides, Japanese kind of Villages and the food. Let’s dive right into the list of places to visit in Bukit Tinggi.

Best Time To Visit Malaysia

Malaysia Vacation
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Malaysia can be explored all around the year but the places to visit in Malaysia don’t remain constant throughout the year. If you would like to explore the western part of Malaysia, then December to February would be the best bet and on the other hand, it would be better to travel between April to October if you want to cover the eastern part of Malaysia. Since it is a tropical country you can expect hot and humid weather with rainfalls all year.

Unmissable attractions in Bukit Tinggi Malaysia

Malaysia, due to its wide range of religion and the culture has enough and more variety in terms of attractions. Starting from the Batu caves to some adventure parks, this place will surely leave you awestruck with the variety it has. Without further delay, le’s dive right into it.

1. Japanese Tea House

Malaysia is a country with lots of cultural influences from other parts of the world. Bukit Tinggi is a place influenced by the Zen preachings and this lets way to the wonderful retreat located in the middle of lush flora and fauna. This place is at a height of 1000 metres above the sea and known as one of the top hill stations in Malaysia. This has a unique mix of French-style architecture and Japanese style gardens.

2. Karak Highway

Have you ever been fascinated by haunted places? The Karak Highway is one such place. This highway runs between Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands. This windy expressway has seen way too many accidents in the last 2 decades. There were some creepy stories about the accidents as well. People have seen a driver-less Volkswagon on the highway and there are other unconfirmed reports as well.

3. Genting Highlands Theme Park

There are several theme parks in Malaysia, but the one in the Genting Highlands is one of the best indoor theme parks in Malaysia. It would surely be the right place to visit if you are travelling with kids. The world-famous museum – Ripley’s Believe it or not, is located in this theme park. This is a unique and one of its kind experience.

It has the records of the most outrageous things, which might not feel true when you hear about them but sure will bring the belief once you see them. Apart from that, you have of the famous rides like Busy Bugs, Mini Train, Rio Float, Reindeer Cruiser a circus ride. You wouldn’t have to worry about your pocket, as the place has a very reasonable ticket charge.

4. Batu Caves

Batu Caves
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This is the most famous attraction near Bukit Tinggi and is located in Selangor. These are the caves in the fully limestone mountains. This place is mostly visited by Indians as it has various temples with Hindu Gods. The most famous one is the Murugan statue on the entrance and a 272-step steep climb. Apart from this, you can also do rock climbing and visit the Ramayana caves for its beautiful paintings as the alternative activities.

5. Janda Baik

This is a small village in the district of Pahang, situated at a distance of 30 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur. This is the right place for people who want a relaxing experience alongside nature to evade the fast-paced city life. People plan this visit as a short day trip due to its accessibility. Moreover, if you want to stay at this beautiful place then you can opt for the services of the homestays that are available in abundance in this place.  However, this place is covered with rainforest and amazing waterways. Camping and white water rafting is the pick of the activities. Apart from this, you can expect some seriously scenic spots on your way to this village.

6. Colmar Tropicale French Village

Colmar Tropicale French Village
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Colmar Tropicale, as you can tell by the name that it’s a French Village. This is one of the famous places in Bukit Tinggi. From vibrant streets, aesthetic old-fashioned shophouses to brick towers, everything about this place makes it feel more like a France vacation. Similarly, this has a close resemblance to the place called Alsace in France.

Moreover, the village is adorned by travellers around the world for its calmness and serenity of the surrounding hills. In addition to this, with some stunning backdrops, this is one of the best places to take some picture-perfect shots for your Instagram profile.

7. Botanical Garden

This is a very peaceful and quiet environment which serves as the best place to relax along with the garden. In addition to the gardens, there are few streams as well alongside where you can take a nice little stroll to cover this place at your own pace. This place gives an absolute break from the fast-paced city life.

8. Colmar Adventure Park

This adventure park is the place for the adrenaline junkies out there. This place has a number of adventurous activities from flying fox, canopy walk to rock climbing. Additionally, you have enough and more options for indoor thrills to keep you engaged while you are here.

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