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7 Best Places to visit in Italy for Art Lovers

Italy is exceptionally rich in historical wonders, having at least one renowned artwork in every city and region. It’s so rich in paintings, sculpture, and architecture that it’s nearly difficult to walk about without coming across a valuable work of art. However, with so many possibilities, it’s difficult to know where to start.We’ve made life easier for you. We’ve created a list of our top favourite pieces of art in our favourite Italian regions to help you pick where to go on your Italian holiday.

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1. The Sistine Chapel (Vatican City)

image source :Unsplash The Sistine Chapel Ceiling

The Sistine Chapel is a chapel in Vatican City’s Apostolic Palace, which serves as the Pope’s official residence. The Cappella Magna was its original name.This is not a single piece, but rather a complete chapel with Old Master frescos surrounding the walls painted by Perugino and Botticelli, Michelangelo’s famous ceiling, and Michelangelo’s magnificent Last Judgment altar wall–twenty years after his victory on the ceiling. In Italy, all roads lead to Rome.In Italy, all roads lead to Rome. In Rome, all roads lead to the Vatican. And in the Vatican, all roads lead to the Sistine Chapel. Go. It’s well worth the effort. It’s impossible to capture it in a photograph.

2. The Last Supper by Leonardo (Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Milan)

Image source: Pixabay

This work of art is so well known. The chamber was nearly destroyed when Milan was attacked during World War II, but the Last Supper’s wall survived. That, like this artwork, is a miracle. This eight-metre-wide painting is an art by Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper from the 15th century, depicts the section of the Bible when Jesus at supper that one of his 12 faithful followers (disciples) would betray him before daybreak. This is a must-see art when you visit Italy.

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3. Visit a Shakespearean play in fair Verona

Image Source: Unsplash Juliet’s home from the Famous Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

If you are a Shakespeare’s fanatic, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s easy to understand why Shakespeare picked Verona as the location for Romeo and Juliet, with its pink-hued marble walkways and seductive piazzas. Use your free time to visit Juliet’s House and courtyard, where you may stand on the famous balcony from the play or leave a love note in the stone wall.

4. Discover Local craft traditions in Amalfi

Image Source: Unsplash

In the town of Amalfi, papermaking is a centuries-old heritage, and the embossed sheets make the ideal gift for any one who loves paper. Use your time to look for handmade paper items, but make sure they’re stamped with the Amalfi watermark, which indicates authenticity. Ceramic artwork in bright colours is a must-have, especially when you have visited the place.

5. Visit the Masterpieces in Renaissance City

The Renaissance is thought to have originated on the Italian peninsula’s city-states of Genoa, Florence, Milan, Naples, Rome, and Venice. Some of the world’s greatest spectacular artwork and architectural wonders can be seen in Renaissance City. See treasures like Michelangelo’s David statue at the Accademia Gallery and Botticelli’s Venus painting at the Uffizi, one of our top 10 museums to visit in Europe, during your free time. Then, when you’re outside the museum, glance up—unmistakable Firenze’s emblem, the Duomo, is impossible to ignore.

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6. Glass-blowing demonstration in Venice

Image Source: Pixabay

Every nook of Venice is infused with romance and mystery, and each of the city’s many islands has something unique to offer. During a guided sightseeing tour of the city, watch a glass-blowing demonstration, and then head directly to the source during free time in Murano, the birthplace of this famous glass-blowing technique. Also, Add the Islands of the Venetian Lagoon: Take a trip to Burano & Torcello to view colourful houses in Burano’s fishing hamlet and ancient treasures and stunning mosaics in Torcello.

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7. Witness the Old Famous Hollywood Film Location in Taormina Region

image source: Unsplash

Taormina Region is a picturesque hilltop town on Sicily’s east coast. It’s no surprise that movies are shot here. The iconic Bar Vitelli scene from God Father, in which Michael meets Apollonia, is located in Taormina, while the magnificent church in Savoca is where the pair married on-screen. and adding the Hidden Sicily: While on a Taormina Region extension, a Medieval Savoca & Forza tour is the ideal way to bring the film to life. Take a stroll through these mediaeval towns while appreciating the Church of St. Lucia and Bar Vitelli, two landmarks that a generation grew up with.

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