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Beruwala Sri Lanka
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Top Places To Visit In Beruwala During Your Sri Lanka Holiday

Beruwala is a town that is administered by an Urban Council in Kalutara District, Western Province, Sri Lanka. Beruwala with a total area of around 15 square kilometres and is situated on Sri Lanka’s south-west shore, 60 km south of Colombo. The name Beruwala marks the spot for the island’s first Muslim settlement, established by the Somali Sheik Yusuf bin Ahmad al-Kawneyn who made the people Islam. The town was originally called Berbereen in memory of the Somali Shaikh and in gratitude. The Chinese had traded here so they knew Beruwala as Piehlo-li. Read on further to know about the top places to visit in Beruwala.

Beruwala Sri Lanka
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From an enchanting lighthouse to a stunning beach and exquisite coral gardens this quaint town is all about choice. Located in a country that is slowly becoming the tourist hotspot of the new age, Beruwala is somewhere you should visit with when you plan to visit Sri Lanka. Everybody is going to fall in love with Beruwala and there is no questioning it.

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Best Time To Visit Beruwala in Sri Lanka

Due to the close position of Sri Lanka with the Equator, the country’s temperature and the weather remains mostly constant throughout the year. Low-lying areas and the Sri Lankan coasts experience average daytime temperatures ranging from 26 to 30 degrees Celsius, making it the best time to travel to Sri Lanka for travellers enjoying summer.

May to August months see the Yala monsoon season carry rain against the country’s west and south coasts. And if the tourist has a platonic friendship with the weather, the best time to visit Sri Lanka this season is. Because this season is considered mostly to be the low season, most beaches, resorts and inns would be sparsely crowded. This is the perfect season to travel at a budget for holidaymakers.


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On the other side, the Maha monsoon is less intense and reaches the country’s east coast from November to March. An inter-monsoonal cycle also hits the country in October and November, prior to the Maha monsoon. Mostly this season is interspersed with heavy rainfall and thunderstorms within the country that can occur anywhere.

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Things To Do in Beruwala Sri Lanka

  • Narigama Beach
  • Cinnamon Bey Beruwala
  • Barberyn Island
  • Beruwala Beach
  • Coral Reef Gardens

Narigama Beach

The very first on the list of places to visit in Beruwala is Narigama Beach, which is beautiful and aesthetic. This is the most popular beach in the area, and witnesses the tourists’ maximum rush, predominantly throughout the year. Visiting the beach during the month of April is ideal.

Beruwala Sri Lanka
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Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

The beauty of the lush green environment, the soft wind from the Indian Ocean and the rhythm of the waves can be amplified by the unique designs, latticework, painted fabrics and intricately crafted decors. With its private balconies and ceiling-to-floor glass windows, the Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms and Suites will allow you to appreciate the numerous vantage points provided by Cinnamon Bey Beruwala. I.C.E Bar & Lounge, 8000, Büfe, Mezz2, Stone, Rock Salt, Raw and Grain Bar & Lounge are eligible for dining while Kutlama Hall is in for activities.

Barberyn Island

Barberyn Island is a small 8-acre island off the coast of a Sri Lankan town called Beruwala. Because of the lighthouse it houses, the island has become a tourist destination. In 1888-1889 the Barberyn Lighthouse, also referred to as the Beruwala Lighthouse, was installed. This is a tower 34 meters wide that has a length of 27 nautical miles. It was modified in 1969 after its completion and further upgrading was done in the year 2000. There are a total of 4 international lighthouses in Sri Lanka and this is one. This lighthouse, situated on Barberyn Island, is also known as ‘Beruwala Flash.’ Offering a little break from a dull schedule, this lighthouse is majestic and antique, with its colonial-era designs producing beautiful scenery all around making it one of the best places to visit in Beruwala. Head climb the lighthouse and drink in the panoramic view of the infinite seas.

An Old Dutch hospital that has now been turned into a luxurious bar and restaurant will have a nutritious meal and tourists will certainly appreciate a nice, quiet stroll whilst engaged in interesting conversations with the locals.


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Beruwala Beach

Beruwala Beach is sure to delight you, big, large and painted in a honey colour. The calm waters are ideal for jet-skiing, windsurfing, and parasailing sports. Thanks to the handful of restaurants and coffee shops located right by the sand, one doesn’t have to go far to refuel. This beautiful beach of soft sand and gentle sea waves is the perfect place to be at for a peaceful evening or an eventful, exciting morning. Hold your eyes out for tortoises-they swarm to settle down to this strip of sea. Reasons enough to believe Beruwala beach is one of the top places to visit in Beruwala Sri Lanka.

Beruwala Sri Lanka
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Coral Reef Gardens

The last and one of the best places to visit in Beruwala is the gardens of Coral reefs. This is home to a large number of marine species, with more than a handful than fish surrounding this. Holding aside the coral reefs, another common aspect of the gardens involves the sea turtles that certainly delight the tourists. The best thing is that one may feed all the tortoises manually. 

Mosque in Beruwala Sri Lanka
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The land with alliances and divisions has had many shocks and the one we have fallen in love with. Sri Lanka, too. It’s the land of choice, tea plantations, beautiful beaches, thrilling train trips and much more. It is a world in which every town feels like a separate place. All would be at ease from lush green and beautifully stunning tea plantations to ancient ruins and elephant oodles in Sri Lanka. This beautiful country is home to a beautiful town called Beruwala located in the Kalutara District’s western province and there are plenty of great places to visit in Beruwala.

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