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The Budapest Bridge
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Places to visit in Budapest – Tourism in the Alpha-Global city of the world

The Most Populous city of Hungary is the ninth-largest city in the European Union. Budapest is not only a city but also a county. This city is the financial center of Hungary. Budapest is an Alpha-Global city with strengths in commerce, fashion, technology, education and many more. This city was rated the second largest developing urban economy in Europe. Budapest city has its own taste in art and rich in history. Apart from this many reasons attracts a large number of tourists annually. Budapest also has the third biggest parliament building in the world. One of the most important museums in the city is the Museum of fine and arts. Along with this the Buda castle, Parliament, Gresham Palace and many more. It has one of the largest train and tram system. Let us have a look at the Places to visit in Budapest.

The Hungarian Parliament
The Hungarian Parliament | P.C – Flickr

Interesting facts about Hungary

Colloquially referred to as ” Pest-Buda”, Budapest is one of the most visited places in the world. This place is filled with a rich history with a blend of art. These kinds of cities surely have some facts about them that will astound the readers. Here are some Budapest Mind Blowers.

  • The city of Budapest was created by joining Óbuda, Buda and Pest cities together.
  • People sure do love the art of puzzles. On top of it is the Rubik’s cube. The founder of the Rubik’s cube, Emo Rubik was from Budapest. Biro pen’s founder also hails from Budapest.
  • Budapest is the proud owner of the second-biggest Synagogue in the world. This follows after the biggest one in New York.
  • Want to not gain weight, rub the belly. That’s right. A common belief says that if you rub the bronze statue of the Police in front of the Basilica of San Esteban, You will never put on weight.
  • Lions without a tongue? According to the legend, while opening the chain bridge, a boy shouted that the lions in the bridge did not have any tongue.
  • The oldest metro in continental Europe belongs to Budapest.
  • You will be able to find tributes done to the Jews who died in the Holocaust.

Places to visit in Budapest are loads and we will look at the top layer of the attractions.

The night view of Budapest
The night view of Budapest | P.C – Pixabay

Top 6 Places to Visit in Budapest

Buda Castle & Castle Hill

Standing tall over the Danube river, Castle hill contains most of the important museums and monuments in Budapest. After world war II, this place was very badly damaged. But most of the exteriors and some of the interiors were restored. In these interiors, there is a number of important museums. Out of this, The main wing contains the Hungarian national gallery. Meanwhile, 4 floors are occupied by the Budapest History Museum.
The Castle hill is famous for its medieval lanes, Baroque and gothic architecture. Unesco world heritage has occupied the entire historic Complex.

To reach: 1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2

The Castle Hill from Danube (Places to Visit In Budapest)
The Castle Hill from Danube | P.C – Wikimedia Commons

Parliament Building

The building that is created on a Gothic revival architecture, is the biggest building of Hungary. The Parliament building is also the third biggest Parliament building in the world. This Parliament building is also home to the hundred parliament offices. Even though it has guided tours, the best view of the whole building that you will get is from the side of the Danube. The tours that run inside the building have different language options. This Parliament was inaugurated during 1886 while celebrating its 1000th anniversary. This Parliament has 630 rooms with 19 km of doors and corridors.

To reach: 1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3

The Hungarian Parliament Building
The Hungarian Parliament Building | P.C –

House Of Terror

This Building holds the exhibitions on the Successful Fascist and communist Exhibits. It is about the rule of the Fascists that ruled Hungary during the 20th Century. The arrow cross-party of the Fascist used the same building as their headquarters. This was also used as a prison and this was used to torture prisoners. The State Security services of Hungary once owned this building. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to tour the prison part in the Basement. This museum also hoards temporary museum collections.

To reach: Budapest, Andrássy út 60, 1062 Hungary

House of Terror (Places to Visit in Budapest)
House of Terror | P.C – Wikipedia

St. Stephen’s Basilica

The panoramic view of the dome, the attractive interiors and the breathtaking architecture makes this a Popular Attraction. The precious mosaic also fell down and the architecture was destroyed during the WW II. These were all restored successfully that highlight the rich interior. The precious relic like the Mumifies right hand of the pope, The first king of Hungary is displayed under the glass. If time permits, take the elevator to the cupola for a panoramic 360 degrees view of the city.

Address: 1051 Budapest, Szent István tér

St. Stephen Basilica (Places to Visit in Budapest)
St. Stephen Basilica | P.C – Wikimedia Commons

Invisible Exhibition (Places to visit in Budapest)

What if you turn completely blind when you visit a museum? The invisible Museum gives you this unique museum experience. This experience is to give you a blind experience. A registered blind guide will take you through the tour in this museum. This kind of experience is totally unique you will get. They take you through various sets of artificially created scenarios through dark rooms. While entering you will be having to turn off all the light sources you have got. After the exhibition, you will enjoy dinner in the darkroom. Blind waiters serve the tables around here.

To reach: Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20, 1024 Hungary

The Invisible Museum
The Invisible Museum | P.C – Lathatatlan

Széchenyi Thermal Bath (Places to visit in Budapest)

Thermal baths are one of the most famous things in Budapest. It has provided this experience for its citizens and tourists. These thermal baths help you to relax and Rejuvenate your body. This Széchenyi Thermal Bath has 3 outdoor pools and 15 indoor pools. With these pools, the guests can enjoy steam rooms and saunas. People have a special treat when they visit the spa after nightfall.

To reach: Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 9-11, 1146

Széchenyi Thermal Bath
Széchenyi Thermal Bath | P.C – Wikimedia Commons

These places to visit in Budapest are the best of the best. You will have the best of the time in Budapest. You will have the time of your life when you visit Budapest. Let the best fix your itineraries for you. Check the Pickyourtrail website and create your own customizable holiday packages. Our travel expert will help you out in creating the best Budapest holiday packages. Check out the website regularly to get fresh content on travel.

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