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20 Places to Visit in London for Free – Without Spending a Penny

London a city in United kingdom is often known for London tower bridge, The London eye and Buckingham Palace. But London has more to offer ,yes for free as well. Have a walk through the Museums and the parks of London, also the markets has more to offer. There are many art galleries to the sculptures and the textile and furniture to watch free. Explore the Gothic style architecture, the glass chandeliers and many more and the best thing is you don’t have to pay a single penny.

20 Places to visit in London for Free

  1. National gallery
  2. Houses of parliament
  3. Victoria and Albert museum
  4. Borough market
  5. Science museum
  6. Tate Modern
  7. Trafaglar Square
  8. Kensington’s gardens
  9. Natural History museum
  10. St Pauls Church
  11. Hampstead Heath
  12. British museum
  13. HydePark
  14. Changing of guards
  15. East London Street Art
  16. greenwich Park
  17. Columbia road Flower Market
  18. Sky Garden
  19. See the deer in Richmond Park
  20. Portobello Road Market

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1.National gallery

The National gallery has the best painting from the world. The masterpieces from the renowed painters like Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Michelangelo are displayed at the National Gallery. Whenever you go the visit for the gallery is always free.

National gallery
Image Credits: Pixabay

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2. Houses of Parliament

Take a royal feeling by walking through the royal houses of the Parliament where official work is done. It is also the home of a Big ben- the biggest clock and very famous for clocking the sound every 15 minutes. The houses of the Parliament is also known as the Westminsters Palace.

Houses of Parliament
Image credits: Pixabay

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3.Victoria and Albert museum

Love Art, Sculptures of ceramics, metal and glass this is absolute place to visit. You can see the beautiful chandeliers to the paintings and art of famous painters and artists. Also the fashion furniture and textiles are exhibited. This is the free museum so you can explore the best sculptures across the world.

Victoria and albert museum
Image Credits: Pixabay

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4.Borough Market

Food, fruits and food!! The very old market in London where you get varieties of food and fresh fruits all and around. You can also shop your favourite savours. In winter borough market has a borough market festival where several stalls of very different food items are there throughout the lanes. This market was started 1000 years ago and has loads of food options to serve.

borough market
Image credits : Pixabay

5.Science Museum

The major museum at the south Kensington’s exhibition road, since 1985.
It is one of the best place in the world to explore Science where you can see the world best collections of Scientific, Technical as well as the Medical inventions up to date. Some of the collection themes in are

  • The medicine gallery.
  • The railway transportation since old where you can find old posters to handbills and many more.
  • The art and artwork of various artists.
  • The industrial revolution from Textile industry to Coal and Mining.
Science museum
Image credits: Deposit photos

6.Tate Modern

Tate modern is the museum established in 1897, and has the vast collection of items from the Renowed Painter JMW Turner. iT is the most artistic gallery and the best thing is it is free to visit. Located at the Trafglar Square you can sit inside Tate Modern and watch the street outside from small sitting place

Tate modern
Image Credits: Unsplash

7.Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar square has many interesting sights like the Nelsons column, the national Gallery etc. Trafalgar square is like a small times square of Newyork . It is a public square in City of Westminster in central London. You can shop at the covent market, walk down to see the Big ben, Houses of parliament and visit the National Gallery. Also have a view of The fourth Plinth-The statue designed bySir Charles Barry in 1841.It a statue of closed fingers with a vertical thumb.

trafalgar square
Image Credits: Pixabay

8.Kensington Gardens

The royal Gardens of London spread across 270 acres of land. You can take a look of The Peter pan Statue, The Albert memorial, the Diana memorial playground as well. The serpentine bridge and gallery and the Speke’s monument is a major attraction here. The memorial Garden of Diana is dedicated to the Princess of Wales and a member of Royal family.

Kensington gardens
Image credits: Deposit Photos

9.Natural history museum

The Natural History museum has the collection of over 80 million items displayed. Most of the items are artefacts and old historical things. The very famous items are the skeleton of Blue Whale and the Skeleton of a huge Dinosaur. The gallery is divided in 4 sections: Blue Green, Red, Orange. The types of science like Zoology, Mineralogy, Botany zones are divided.This gallery is really worth visiting and the best part is it is free of cost.

Image Credits: Pixabay

10.St Paul’s Church

Don’t to confuse between St Paul’s Cathedral and church, This is also known as Actors Church. This Church is a British icon designed by architect Inigo Jones. The church has a connection between theatre community by organising the concerts and music and hence is known as the Actors Church.There are number of plaques dedicated to British actor and actresses inside the church.

St pauls church
Image Credits: Deposit photos

11.Hampstead Heath

A very greenery place of a shrublands also the ancient parkland at the outskirts of city. you can view the beautiful city and the Parliament hill from Hampstead Heath Park. Have a small picnic with you and your loved ones and enjoy then scenic beauty with the zoo and other three swimming ponds and quite some spots of nature.

Hampstead heath
Image credits: Unsplash

12.British Museum

This is one of the most top attraction for tourists and is for free. The Coffins of Egyptian mummies and the pictures are kept .The museum displays more than 8 million of artefacts of Art,Culture and History. The museum also displays treasure of Rosetta stone to Samurai armours . The museum was built in 1753 by the famous Irish scientist and physician Sir Hans Sloane .

British museum
Image credits: Deposit photos

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13. Hyde Park

Hyde park is the most phenomenal and among the royal parks of London. During winter Hyde park organises Winter wonderland festival which turns the Hyde park into a dreamland. In addition Enjoy Ice skating,Circus, different rides and illuminated lights during winters.The park has tons of trees and numerous types of flowers. You have buildings, bird sanctuary, statues and many more inside the park.

Hyde park
image credits: Unsplash

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14.Changing of the Guards

Changing of the guards is outside the Buckingham palace. You can enjoy it at every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 11am at the gate of Buckingham palace. The guards dressed with a red tunic and bear skinned hats and a music playing throughout the ceremony is really amazing.

Changing of the guards
Image credits: Unsplash

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15.East London Street Art

Love to walk the streets with graffitis and feel like a modern city. At many streets you can see the graffiti but at the chance street experience the art of hedgehog sketch by native Americans. The streets are attracted by the alphabets and glowing colours with some sketches as well as the thoughts.

East london art
Image credits :Unsplash

16. Greenwich Park

Take yourself to the top of Greenwich hill and have a free view of the city and Canary wharf-behind 17th century Queen’s house.In middle of park you can view the statue of James Wolfe- Famous British officer. You can have a view of Thames river, Vanbrugh Castle and National maritime Institute.

greenwich park

17.Columbia road flower market

Flower lovers paradise in London !Londons most colourful markets with varieties of flowers. You can buy herbs, plants, flowers and seeds al well. The timings are form 8am-to 3 pm.You can also find cute cafes, antique shops, vintage stores, small galleries and restaurants across the street.
Note- The markets are very busy and crowded.

Flower market
Image credits : Pexels

18. Sky Garden

Spot the city from top .The Sky garden offers the view of city from its 43rd Floor with its open terrace. Try the best food at the restaurants located at the Sky garden. There are several bars which offer British cocktails and snacks as well.

sky garden
Image credits: Pixabay

19.Spot the deer at Richmond Park

Richmond Nature park is a top site for ancient trees and animal species.It is also known as Deer Park.Rare Species of fungi, wild flowers, and long grasslands and deer herds can be spotted. Chill at Roehampton Cafe after spotting deers.The park also offers you Golf Course, Cycling and stay at Pembroke Lodge-(Additional cost)

richmond park
Image credits: Pixabay

20.Portobello road market

Travelled so many places now let’s shop! Portobello market is located at the Notting Hill. It serves vintage clothes,Antiques to delicious street food. In 19th century only Food was served in the market.The market has Georgian styled architecture ,attracts people more.

Portobello road market

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