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Places to visit in Switzerland in winter
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Switzerland in Winter: Best places to visit | Get Ready for a Snowy Trip!

If you are looking to plan your trip to Switzerland in winter, don’t worry as you have come to the right place. Switzerland! The country begins with few things but ends with many things. Although it is one of the most expensive countries to travel to that sits in the middle of Europe. If you love mountains, chocolates, sweets, lakes, adventures, waterfalls, rolling hills, swiss-trains, cable cars, swiss-cows, and shopping then you should plan a trip to Switzerland for at least 2 days. Here is the list of places that recommend you to visit Switzerland in winter while planning a trip to that country.

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Things to Pack for Switzerland Winter Weather:

Its a bitterly cold weather so you have to pack a lot of things to protect yourself from winter. If your travel plans involve more uphill hiking and trekking pack the right items that make you have a more enjoyable trip. Make sure to bring a warm jacket, gloves, hats, scarves, waterproof boots, hiking shoes, ski shirts, and waterproof socks. Ensure everything is waterproof to protect your body.

List of Top-rated places to visit in Switzerland:

  • The Jungfrau Region
  • Zermatt
  • St. Moritz
  • Oberalp Pass Via Glacier Express
  • Mt. Pilatus
  • St. Gallen
  • Interlaken
  • Lake Geneva
  • Arosa
  • Davos

1. The Jungfrau Region

The Jungfrau Region, Places to Visit in Switzerland in Winter
Image source: Unsplash

The Jungfrau Region is a place compiled with three famous peaks: Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger at 4158m, 4099m, and 3970m respectively. These three are the World’s major ski places with splendid natural attractions. Undoubtedly this is the place where you have many different hiking options and ski options. In addition, the Cable car is the biggest attraction here in Jungfrau. Sightseers can easily access mountains and enjoy the views by rattling down the mountainside on a three-wheeled scooter. Jungfraujoch is the place where you can see Europe’s highest train station.

2. Zermatt

Image source: Unsplash

Zermatt has breathtaking views that few places in the world can match and is well known as a great place for skiing, climbing, and hiking. The iconic mountain Matterhorn which is a major visitors’ attraction lies just below the mountain resort. If you are a foodie, Zermatt is the best place you can spend where it offers a wide variety of culinary options, traditional swiss dishes, from little street vendors to starred restaurants. The best thing to do in Zermatt is to stay overnight at Iglu – Dorf, ride the cog train to Rotenboden station, run on Rotenboden Toboggan.

3. St. Moritz

Switzerland in Winter
Image source: Unsplash

St. Moritz Town is one of the best places to experience the stunning nightlife. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to indulge in skiing, snowboarding, and snow-shoe trekking. St. Moritz offers you the greatest winter view and is also a hub of happening nightlife. To show time or sequence go for a bob racing, an adrenaline rush is guaranteed. To make the heart of any gourmet beat faster, go shopping in Metropolitan where chic meets old town charm.

4. Oberalp Pass Via Glacier Express

Glacier Express
Image source: Unsplash

Switzerland trip is incomplete without taking a train in Glacier Express. That is a direct train from Zermatt to St. Moritz, also famously known as the slowest express train in the world which takes approximately 8 hours of destination travel. As the name itself says Oh yes! you will see the Glaciers up in the mountain. In fact, the ride gives you incredible scenery through tight curves, 291 bridges, rock formations, fierce streams, tons of snow, narrow valleys, and 91 tunnels.

5. Mt. Pilatus

Mt. Pilatus
Image source: Unsplash

One of the most popular and highest peaks in Lucerne, Mt. Pilatus is a 2,120-metre tall mountain. You can easily reach the highest peak via a cable car which gives you a delightful view. You must add this destination to your wishlist to enhance the Swiss vacationing experience to the fullest in winter. Don’t miss out to do the remarkable winter walk on the golden round trip. Also, the place has cable walking, hiking, cogwheel railway.

6. St. Gallen

St. Gallen
Image source: Unsplash

St. Gallen is a stunning winter destination you will definitely want to bubble up. This place has many indoor activities to offer you such as Abbey Library of Saint Gall, St. Gallen Cathedral, Botanical Garden, and Natural History Museum which is all free of cost to visit. It is home to a UNESCO World Heritage site where it has centuries-old houses with beautiful scenery.

7. Interlaken

Switzerland in winter
Image source: Unsplash

This is a Swiss’s cute little stunning city that every visitor should go to. Interlaken is located in between two lakes and is presided by three mighty mountains. It has an adrenaline-filled activities like sky-diving, paragliding, skiing, hiking, cable car, and many more. There are various snow sports in Interlaken than you imagined. Swiss is well known for two things: cheese and chocolate, thus Interlaken is a region that offers mouth-watering tastes.

8. Lake Geneva

Swizterland in Winter
Image source: Unsplash

The best part of Lake Geneva (surrounded by stunning snow-capped peaks) can be explained only by live experience in winter. Everything will be at a higher price rate when compared with summer times. The very famous celebration in Lake Geneva is Winterfest where the ice castle competition and abominable snow race are both worth watching. A beautiful lake is full of ice boaters, ice coasters, skaters, ice fishers along with all the snow activities like skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding.

9. Arosa

Image source: Unsplash

With eye-catching snow-capped mountains, white snowy landscapes, ski runs as far as the eye could see: the winter scenery is incredibly impressive over and over again. Arosa is among the coolest places to visit in Switzerland in Winter where you should stay for a little while. Undoubtedly, a home for sports activities such as Skiing, Sledging, Snowboarding, Winter hiking, Cross-culture skiing, Ice Hockey, Curling, Ice Stock Sports, Ice Skating, and many more. Arosa Bear Sanctuary opens all year round and its timing is from 9 am to 5 pm. Thus it offers you to visit the bear mini-golf, the playground at the middle station, the Weisshorn bear photo point, and the experience trail will also be very exciting.

10. Davos

Image source: Unsplash

Davos is a winter sports metropolis for skiing and snowboarding lovers. Absolutely worth the nightlife experience! Davos Klosters is conducted during some 100 winter days – the world’s best winter guest program. Tourists can entertain themself in many shopping choices and refined dining. From all the sports activities to shopping, from early morning sunrise to stunning nightlife, from healthy resorts to casinos, bars, and discotheques everything can be found in the town of Davos.


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