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These Places To Visit In Tripura are a must inclusion.

Tripura is a hilly state in northeastern India bordered by Bangladesh on three sides and home to a varied mix of tribal cultures and religious groups. The imposing Ujjayanta Palace is set among Mughal gardens in the capital Agartala, and the Mosque of Gedu Mia has white marble dome and towers. Neermahal Summer Palace is located in Lake Rudrasagar in the south of the city and combines Hindu and Islamic architecture

Tripura, India
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Tripura is filled with the elegance you will experience through its bodies of water, its palaces, its woodland and wildlife. The people here are very welcoming and warm. Any of them are professional artisans and craftsmen who show their talent through different works of art. 

What we are looking for in a perfect getaway are the dewy landscapes, lush green valleys and giant hill locks. A fantasy land with gorgeous waterfalls for nature lovers and gigantic mountains make Tripura a dream destination. One of the Seven Sister States in North-East India, Tripura is rich in culture that reflects particularly monuments and heritage sites through its top attractions.

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Top places to visit


Tripura is the capital. It is a popular tourist destination. There are lots of top attractions here to rest. It is well known for its corn, jute, tea, and oilseed fresh produce. At Agartala, the best places to visit are Ujjayanta Palace, Kunjaban Palace and Neermahal. These palaces depict the royal-era ingenious architecture.

Agartala museum
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Located in the north of Tripura, it is renowned for its comprehensive production of pineapples. It is located 140 km from Agartala. They indulge more in cultivating fruits. A famous tourist spot here is Venuban Vihar built by King Bimbisar of Magadha. It’s now a deer park and a zoo. There is also a lake here named Kamala Sagar that is a famous place for picnics.


It is in the north-eastern portion of Tripura. A must visit are the rock-cut sculptures on the banks of the River Gomati. Such statues contain Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Vishnu and several other carvings.


It is situated 100 km from Agartala. It is located in deep valleys surrounded by paddy fields. Many archaeological remains are to be found here.


There is nothing in comparison to the artistry that rests here. It has many rock-cut statues and ancient temples. It is also famous annually for Ashokashtami Fair.


It is located 55 km from Agartala and is known for its lavish temples. Some famous is the Tripura Sundari Temple and the Temple of Bhubaneswari. Also here is the Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary that consists of a botanical garden, a zoo, a lake, and boating facilities. It has many bird species and has the unique monkey spectacles as well.

Jampui Hills

With an altitude of 3000 ft above sea level, it is the highest range of hills in Tripura state. The top of the hill offers stunning views over the beautiful valleys. The Orange Tourism Festival is celebrated annually in the month of November.

Tripura Museum
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Resting among hills loaded with vegetation the Dumboor Lake is one of Tripura’s best destinations. The trip here includes a tour of 48 islands, as well as a hydel project. Many migratory birds and a pond of planted fish can be seen.

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to a variety of wildlife, particularly birds and primates, this place is not only a sanctuary for wildlife but also an academic and research centre. There are several lakes inside the sanctuary, where boating facilities are available. Over 150 residential bird species, migratory birds, orchid garden, boating facilities, wild life, botanical garden, zoo, elephant joy-rides, rubber and coffee plantations attract tourists all year round. Animal-lovers added visual incentive is the famous spectacled monkey which is now a rare species.

Chittangong Hills

The Chittagong hills picturesque sight attacks each and every onlooker’s senses. The hills are made up of mini-mountains with multiple valleys and a small canyon, with seven rivers crossing the valleys.


‘The Tripura Lake Palace’ or the Neermahal is the largest of its kind on the entire Indian Subcontinent. This architectural beauty derives its name rightly from its location, that is, the middle of Lake Rudrasagar. It is one of the two water palaces our country possesses. The former royal palace is a result of the great future of King Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur. To the King and his relatives, it was the summer residence. Also now, the glamorous history is reflected in its heavily ornate form. The adjacent lawns and flowering beds contribute seven stars to this place’s appeal.

At Neermahal the evenings are spent watching the sound and light show. It allows people to learn about the place’s cultural heritage and its founders. The historicity comes with an adventure touch too. Yes, some water sports activities also feature on the palace premises. That makes it a perfect blend of antiquity and thrill. In addition, the palace has even gained fame for its ‘Neermahal Water Festival.’ The mahal is visited by a huge flock of people only to take part in the boat races organized by the board. This architectural marvel has plenty to offer its tourists. Therefore, make sure to turn your ways towards this North-East gem whenever you are at Agartala.

Best time to visit

Tripura is surrounded by northern, southern, and western Bangladesh. To its east, Assam and Mizoram fall. You can also take trains from Guwahati to Dharmanagar-Kumarghat to get there from major cities and metro stations that will land you at Agartala, which is the state capital. October to March is the perfect opportunity to come here.

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