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Chikmagalur in Karnataka
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Best Places to Visit near Mangalore – Second Largest City of Karnataka


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Mangalore is the heart of the beach destinations for people of Karnataka. It is the second-largest city in Karnataka. The city is a mixture of vibrant city life and a laid beach holiday. Mangalore is also famous for its unique cuisine. Fishes are an integral part of Mangalorean’s day to day appetite. In addition, the culture and the way of living is what differentiates Mangaloreans and Mangalore from rest of the Karnataka. Apart from the above, Mangalore is just a couple of hours drive away from some of the best places in Karnataka. Read on to find more about the best places to visit near Mangalore for a perfect getaway.

These places are a combination of the hill stations, ancient temples and also party hubs. A short vacation to these surreal places is all you need to rejuvenate and get into the groove.

Places to Visit near Mangalore

Beach Destinations:

  • Malpe
  • Someshwara Beach
  • Panambur Beach

Hillstation and Nature Retreat

  • Hanumanagundi Falls
  • The Kudremukh National Park
  • Kodachadri

Beach Destinations

1. Malpe

If the beach, sunrise and seafood is your kind of vacation, then Malpe is the place you would enjoy. Malpe is just 6 kilometres away from Udipi, hence can be covered in a span 3 days. Malpe is one of the top places to visit near Mangalore. The island consists of inactive volcanic rocks and the basaltic columns are a by-product of an age-old volcanic eruption.

Maple Beach, Mangalore
Credits: Google Images

With coconut trees along the shore, Malpe gives a feel budgeted Caribbean vacation. A visit to Maple beach is never complete without visiting St Mary’s Island. The ferry ride to St Mary’s Island in serene waters of Malpe is a sight you wouldn’t want miss. Other top attractions include the ancient Anantheswara and Balarama temples. Best time to visit will be in winters as the weather will be favourable and you won’t be facing the scorching heat.

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2. Someshwara Beach

Just 17 kilometres away from Mangalore is the pristine Someshwara beach. The surrounding greenery en route from Mangalore, the golden sands, Palm trees on the shore and beautiful sunset spots makes it one of the best to places to visit near Mangalore.

Given the beach is close to Mangalore, it experiences similar weather patterns. During the months of April to June, summer is at the peak, followed by heavy rainfalls till November. Hence, the best time to visit Someshwara Beach will be during the months of November to February as the climate would be ideal.

Someshwara Beach has still not come to light. Hence, the beach is clean and well preserved. The beach is famous for huge rock formations and hillocks in its vicinity. Ottinene hillock is one such example. You can witness the beautiful view of the Netravati river making its way through deep mangroves to the sea.

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3. Panambur Beach

Mangalore is one of the cleanest city across the nation and Panambur Beach is a testament of city cleanliness. Panambur beach is just 9 kilometres from Mangalore city centre via National highway 66.

Kite festival in Panambur Beach
Credits: Google Images

The beach is famous for its kite festival and breath-taking sunset views. The three-day International Kite Festival usually takes place in the month of January. If you are an adrenaline junkie then Panambur Beach will be a paradise for you. There are many local vendors catering to people with a wide range of water activities. In addition, you can indulge in land activities like horse riding.

In a nutshell, Panambur Beach is a perfect weekend getaway to re-energise your weary soul.

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Hillstation and Nature Retreat

1. Hanumanagundi Falls

Hanumanagundi falls is majestic waterfalls in Mangalore district flaunting its exceptional natural beauty. The waterfall is in the middle of lush greenery making it visually more appealing. The 22-metre high waterfall is 75 kilometres away from Mangalore and will take more than a couple of hours to reach the destination.

Hamumanagudni Falls
Google Images

As the name suggests, the waterfall earns its title from the mythological character Hanuman. It will be a steep climb of over 400 steps to reach the waterfall. However, we can assure you the tiresome climb is all worth it once you reach the foot of the waterfall. The surreal beauty, the cold mist hitting your face and the soothing surrounding will rejuvenate you in a matter of seconds.

2. The Kudremukh National Park

One of the most important places to visit near Mangalore is the Kudremukh National park. The National Park is a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts who enjoy spotting and capturing wildlife in their natural habitat. The location of the National Park differentiates it from other National Parks. It is surrounded by vast coffee and tea plantations.


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The word Kudremukh translates to the face of the horse in Kannada. The place gets its name from the peak that resembles the face of the horse. Additionally, the park is known for its amazing trekking spots and gorgeous collection of flora and fauna. Beware of the leeches and take necessary precautions before you start the climb.

Kudremukh view from peak of trekking trail
Credits: Google Images

The National Park is over 100 kilometres from Mangalore via National Highway 169, the drive is equally scenic as the National Park. December to February is the best time to visit the park as the weather is at its chilling best and trekking won’t be tiresome.

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3. Kodachadri

Weather in Kodachadri is quite opposite to the weather in Mangalore. Kodachadri is surprisingly cool and covered by mist throughout the year. A bike ride on the roads of Kodachadri is a must experience for any adventure lovers. The soothing climate, the mystical hairpin curves makes it one of the best places to visit near Mangalore.

Kodachadri is 165 kilometres from Mangalore. Factoring in the dynamics of the ride, it will take roughly 5-6 hours to reach Kodachadri from Mangalore. It is advisable to consider Kodachadri only for long weekends as two day weekend may not sufficient to enjoy the beauty of the place to the fullest.

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The above list is just a sample list of places people can consider to visit from Mangalore. There are numerous places that are equally good. These include Udipi, Kukke Subramanya and Venur that are home to famous Hindu temples. People interested in Hindu mythology should consider visiting these places.

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