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Places to Visit within 100 Km near Bangalore – the trip of a lifetime

The city of Bangalore is surrounded by scenic places which also happen to feature numerous activities and attractions to keep you amused irrespective of whether you are seeking relaxation or adventure. Hills and forests will greet the nature lovers and amusement parks will greet the adventure seekers. A rejuvenating picnic is possible any day you feel like getting away for a while. There are multiple places to visit within 100 Km near Bangalore.

Tourist Places near Bangalore within 100 Km

  1. Nandi Hills – 60 Km from Bangalore
  2. Ramanagara –  47 km from Bangalore
  3. Kanakapura – 69 km from Bangalore
  4. Skandagiri – 60 km from Bangalore
  5. Savandurga – 69 km from Bangalore 
  6. Jakkur – 16 km from Bangalore
  7. Anthargange – 67 km from Bangalore
  8. Grover’s Vineyard, Ramanagara – 44 km from Bangalore
  9. Wonderla – 28 Km from Bangalore
  10. Makalidurga – 58 Km from Bangalore

1. Nandi Hills

Early sunrise above clouds Nandi hills Bangalore
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most loved places to visit within 100 km near Bangalore is Nandi Hills, the city’s very own hill station. Located at a height of 1,455meters, the hill ranges have an ancient fortress from Tipu’s rule perched on top, as well as a couple of Shiva Temples that grace the foothills and at the peak. The serene environment, well-maintained pathways add to the ease. Soak in the fresh air close to the city and indulge in leisurely strolls. Tandem paragliding is also on offer. Spot some natural habitats like rare species of birds, reptiles, and insects that thrive in these moist grasslands. Plenty of trekking trails are another way to experience the scenic beauty of Nandi Hills. If history appeals to you, Tipu’s Drop, Tipu’s Summer Palace, fort, horse way, secret escape route add to the charm of the place.

Distance from Bangalore: 60 km
Travel Time: About 1 hr 35 minutes.
Best Time: the months of September to February

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2. Ramanagara

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Ramanagara shot to fame as the hideout of the fearful dacoit Gabbar from the Bollywood blockbuster Sholay. A rock climber’s paradise, it is ideally located 50km from Bangalore. If you are a nature lover this is perhaps the best treat you’ll ever get. Ramanagaram is also home to several species of birds and animals. Hence one of the best places to visit within 100 km near Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 47 km 
Travel Time: 1 h 34 minutes
Best Time: the months of March to May

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3. Kanakapura

Kanakapura, a prominent town near Bangalore is considered to be one of the best places to visit within 100 km near Bangalore. It is located in the Ramanagara district in Karnataka and quite famous for the production of silk as well as granite. It is also famous due to the captivating serenity and the beautiful forests. It is a perfect destination for nature lovers and wildlife admirers. Camping is yet another prominent activity done by the tourists arriving in Kanakapura. The resorts also offer mainstream activities like Nature walk, sightseeing, camping and indoor games. Bouldering and rappelling are the two most favourite adventure activities keeping the number of tourists of Kanakapura rising every year.

Distance from Bangalore: 69 km
Travel Time: 2 h 7 minutes
Best Time: the months of October to April

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4. Skandagiri 

Skandagiri, a mountain fortress perched above a hill, above the clouds, is easily among the most fascinating places to visit within 100 km near Bangalore. A trek in Skandagiri is recommended so that you can witness a surreal sunrise scene, if you wish to make the most of your break.

Distance from Bangalore: 60 km 
Travel time: 1 h 26 minutes 
Best time: the months of November to February

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5. Savandurga

An avid trekker? At Savandurga Climb Asia’s largest monolith, an adrenaline rush awaits you. The trek here can be challenging as you climb up the smooth exterior of the monolith comprising two hills – Karigudda and Biligudda. Savandurga has had mentions in history too and it is one of the amazing places to visit within 100 km near Bangalore. It is surrounded by thick forests of shrubs and dry grasslands.

Distance from Bangalore: 69 km
Best Time: the months of November to May

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6. Jakkur

Jakkur lake
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Jakkur is best known for its scenic plains and the serene Jakkur Lake. Visit Jakkur for a microlight flying experience. During this flight, you will be able to soar high above the cityscape and catch sweeping views of the entire city. This aerial ride lasts for 20 minutes and fills your heart with thrill and your eyes with stunning vistas.

Distance from Bangalore: 16 km
Travel Time: 47 minutes
Best time: September to March

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7. Anthargange 

Anthargange, referred to as Kashi of the South, has a perennial spring near the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. Set amidst dense forest cover at the bottom of the hill, it’s an interesting sight to see a change in topography as you climb uphill. A haven for adventure lovers and trekkers, the caves are mystical and worthy of exploring. The view of Kolar city from above is quite mesmerizing. Apart from the trek, the rocky surface is ideal for adventure activities like rappelling and rock climbing.

Distance from Bangalore: 67 km
Travel Time: 2 hours
Best time: October to March

8. Grover’s Vineyard, Ramanagara 

Located in the shadow of Nandi Hills, this vineyard spans across 400 acres of land. This place offers a personalised tour of the entire process of everything. Steps from crushing and filtering to processing and packaging of wine are covered. Most importantly, there are various kinds of freshly processed, delightful wines available here for tasting during the wine tour.

Distance from Bangalore: 44 km
Travel time: Approximately 1 h 10 minutes
Best time: March and April

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9. Wonderla 

Located on the Bangalore-Mysore ExpressWay, Wonderla feeds into your hunger of adventure, adrenaline rush, and simple entertainment. With the recent addition of the Wonderla Resort, this destination is the first-of-its-kind in India. Well-equipped rooms, facilities, in-house lounge, and restaurant provide ample relief. Look out for exciting seasonal deals to treat your friends and family.

Distance from Bangalore: 28 km
Travel Time: 1 h 15 minutes
Best Time: Throughout the year

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10. Makalidurga 

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Makalidurga is an outstanding destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The place is one of the best places to visit within 100 km near Bangalore. So quiet are the locales that it almost resembles surreal. 

Distance from Bangalore: 58 km
Travel Time: 1 h 36 minutes
Best Time: September to February 

Whether you have been planning a getaway or a trip which is long overdue, you are always a short or long drive away from a number of destinations. Trek to the top of a hill, or indulge in some thrill-filled rides and slides – you can find all sorts of tourist places to visit within 100 km near Bangalore. Check some of the best Bangalore holiday packages and book your trip now with Pickyourtrail.

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