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Plane in the City
Written by Rhea Alex on July 14, 2020 Share on

Plane in the City: Find About More About This Kuala Lumpur Attraction

About Plane in the City

If you’re an avid traveller and are looking for an interesting place to dine in Singapore, the ‘Plane in the City,’ Kuala Lumpur, could just be what you’ve been looking for. This is a one-of-a-kind restaurant, wherein diners can enjoy the ambience of the famous Boeing 737 all in one. Tourists could also go ahead and explore some of the other parts of the plane, a walk through the wings of the plane and an opportunity to experience the cockpit of this amazing plane. The entire experience has got to be one of the best adventures that you’ve ventured out on in Malaysia.

The entire hotel itself is located right at the heart of the city and offers visitors a real-life simulation of what being onboard a real Boeing 737 would actually look like. It most definitely feels like the plane has been inevitably grounded and you’re experiencing a walk through it. The ‘Plane in the City,’ restaurant is filled with air hostesses serving the finest of food, an ambience that reflects a real-time plane and some great music to top everything off. 

One of the greatest advantage tourists get when it comes to exploring the aircraft, is the fact that you can experience every single nook and corner of the plane – an opportunity you won’t really get when it comes to a real-time aircraft. Given the fact that the whole restaurant is located on the ground, tourists can make the most use of this opportunity and explore every aspect of the plane, not leaving even a single area left side during their exploration. This is where some great experiences, like the exploration of the planes very own cockpit area, coupled with a look through the amazing windows in the cockpit comes in.

It truly is a memorable moment for most tourists, as you soak in the reality of actually being able to cherish an almost real-time aircraft. If you’re hoping to take in some great photos, you could consider posing behind the turbine and capture some incredible images, an opportunity that wouldn’t really be possible in a real-time airport. 

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Plane in the City,’ is unlike another traditional restaurant that you’ve experienced or seen out there. The restaurant is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for tourists to explore a plane of their dreams. Tourists could consider signing u for the 90-minute tour, that gives you an insight into every area and aspect of the plane – beginning from the very moment you check into your hotel.

The stewardesses patiently take tourists around, explaining the significance of each section, giving tourists the opportunity to click all the photos they may want. If you’re wondering if the actual food of the restaurant is anything in comparison to the ambience it has to offer, well, the food is spectacular.

Tourists are in for an amazing experience with the most delicious of food, coming their way.  You’ve got chefs from the ‘ Elements in Kuala Lumpur,’ a  5-star restaurant to be specific hosting some of the best chefs in the world, just for you. A mouth-watering three-course meal is what you’re looking at the ‘Plane in the City.’ 

Taking it just a notch higher, tourists also have the opportunity to choose their ‘class,’ or should be saying ‘package,’ just like any other real-time aeroplane. You could make the choice, entirely depending on your budget and the kind of experience that you’re looking at.

It’s at the very end of your journey, that you receive a collection of the innumerable photographs you’ve picked along the way. If you’re a couple and would love to have seats alongside each other – you could also go ahead and book your seats in pairs much ahead time, thus giving you a seamless dining experience altogether. 

How to Reach Plane in the City

The entire city of Kuala Lumpur is extremely well connected when it comes to public transportation that it has to offer. Tourists can go ahead and opt for private car rentals or maybe even some great hired tours while they’re in the city. Located right at the heart of the city, the ‘Plane in the City,’ is that one restaurant that you’ll easily accessible from another given part of the city. So its entirely dependent on the kind of transportation you’re looking for when it comes to the means of commute, that you choose. 

By car

There are a large number of metered taxis that are running all through the city of Kuala Lumpur, that you take you the ‘Plane in the City, in a jiffy. When it comes to rentals, tourists could hire either short of long-distance cabs for their journey. The cost of both durations of time vary and are subject to change at any given point of time.

By car
Image Credit – Pixabay 

One thing for tourists to keep in mind remains the fact that taxis in the region do not fare without all four passages being covered. So if you’re looking to travel with less than four passengers, could just rent the entire cab out for yourselves. For those of you looking for the shortest route to the reach the ‘Plane in the City,’ ad rive through the ‘City Centre,’ via the ‘Jalan Raja Chulan,’ has got to be your most convenient option. 

By bus

The entire place is packed with a plethora of public buses, travelling all through the streets of the city – every single day. The city of Kuala Lumpur, witnesses about 177 different local bus routes, for tourists to consider when it comes to visiting the ‘Plane in the City,’ restaurant right from the city centre. The most common bus route followed includes a drive through the ‘Jalan Raja Chulan,’ followed by the ‘Jalan Changhkat Thambi Dollah.’ 

By bus
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons 

By train

The region also offers tourists with some of the most well-connected metro services you’ll find in the entire world. The city of Kuala Lumpur is bursting with trains travelling to every single nook and corner of the city, every single day. 

By train
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

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