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Planning a Bali honeymoon? Reasons why you should avoid it at all costs!

‘Think honeymoon, think Bali’. – a quote from honeymooners’ bible.

Like, it is the only destination! We are not even sure why honeymooners are obsessed with Bali. Here, let us decode Bali and you will for yourselves realize why you should avoid the Bali honeymoon at all costs.

Starting with these shabby-looking private rooms overlooking the blue ocean.

A jacuzzi filled with flowers. Who cares about the lovely aroma?

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We are not even sure what you are supposed to do here.

Too many dining options that will give a hard time choosing. Ufff!

A rockbar which looks as if it is floating in the water. Construction gone wrong for sure.

Musicians playing, while you are eating. Isn’t that disturbing?

Poor Bali with no electricity. They just light up candles. Dining by the candle-lights with panoramic views of the ocean. How is that even romantic! Even the stairs are not spared.

Seriously guys? A floating tub with all your food? What are you guys at?

Unwinding by the bay with just the sound of the crashing waves. A soothing massage! Wouldn’t you rather just sunbathe?

Why do you need Aquatic therapy, when you can easily take bath in normal water?

Don’t even get us started on the beaches. Silky soft sands and a pinkish hue. Is there some creepy magic show happening here?

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Weird scary sunsets. We are sure, this land is cursed.

Going on an adventure date? No, no please don’t.

This is what happens when you don’t listen to us. You get drenched.

And you will also flyyyyyy. Like a bird. Stop, you human.

Why is it so green in here? Also, the fresh air! What is this all about?

Where you can strike poses for your social media. Wait, social media! We don’t live for social media. Peeps, turn off your cameras. It isn’t worth it.

Yoga, as you bask in the sun. Ugh! Why did you get up so early? You don’t need yoga. Go sleep.


Bali Honeymoon Package Starting @ ₹24,512

Late night parties where pretty looking women dance like this.

When you are in the mood to go on a spiritual visit and the temples look like this. Is one supposed to swim in there?

So you avoid the temple. Go walking on the road. Find random people smiling at you? How strange! Run away from these friendly monsters.

It’s been a week-long vacation at Bali and you still have plenty of money left. How sad!

Even after this, if you still want to go to Bali for honeymoon, then you will,

Here’s a pineapple for no reason.

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Bali Honeymoon Package Starting @ ₹24,512

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