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Port Louis' central market
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Port Louis’ Central Market in Mauritius: The Only Guide You Need

Central market is close to all the central attractions such as the harbour, the central bank and the national assembly. the Central Market is located at the crossroads Port Louis which is the island’s capital. This market in Mauritius’ capital city has many stories to tell back from the Victorian era. Having survived since 1839, its alleyways and stone walls have so much to teach about Port Louis’ central market.

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History of Port Louis’ central market

The central market was built when Mauritius was still under the rule of the British empire. La Corderie Street was ultimately picked as the Central Market’s permanent option. The Central Market went through a major revamp back in 2004 and has since has been recognised as a real historical treasure of the island. The number of customers increased day by day. To provide for the increasing base of customers, the developers attached some more stalls adjacent to a protected food court. They also created the first floor for local artists’ crafts to be sold.

What makes Port Louis’ central market so unique and a must-visit?

Every single local on the island will tell visitors that it’s tradition to wish upon your luck at the lottery as soon as you enter the central Market. The tickets are sold starting at $0.30 per ticket. But intriguingly, a lottery scheme organised by the municipal council picks all of the stalls. It is hence a feeling of achievement and honour to have one your own stalls in the most ancient market on the island.

It is a common sight to see friends or family hang out at this area to try out some lovely food or get some refreshing drinks. The central market is a perfect place for people to sit by and catch up on various topics while also enjoying a meal or some shopping.

Where to go to eat and drink close by?

Central Market’s food court continues to notably the best place to try out some Mauritian food! The food court may be small in size but it serves everything from Fritters, roti, various curries, dumplings, to noodles at an affordable range of rs200 ($5.50) without burning a hole in your pocket. Since the place is small, you may feel stuffy and may feel the heat of all the gas cookers burning. You can spend a little extra rs40 ($1.10) for a delightful Alouda. This is an ice-cold milk-based product given along with agar-agar and psyllium grains which is a natural laxative.

What is the ideal time to go?

Port Louis' Central Market
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Early in the morning is the best time to visit before the heat of the sun hits your body. It is also the best time to purchase the most recent of vegetables, to have been received from over the island in the night.The market closes midday on Sundays so you won’t get enough time to go around it. Summer season is the perfect time of the year to be able to buy delicious mangoes and luscious Victoria pineapples.

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