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Written by Akshaya Devi on April 27, 2020 Share on

Positive stories from around the world, because nothing else really matters

People flaunt banners from their balconies and gather around (but not together) to applaud the front line fighters of the COVID-19 war. Some conduct musical flash mobs to cheer up their neighbourhood while some chip in and wear the volunteer cape. Doubt if there is a better way to cope up with this situation.

Indeed the pandemic has brought forth a worldwide exercise to restore our faith in humanity! Take a look at these little nuggets of positivity and hope, because the world will be beautiful if we learn to sway with the little things:)

Reasons to smile today

1. If you are anxious about the soaring cases of COVID-19, remember, Mr P, a 101-year old Italian who survived World War II and Spanish flu has now defeated coronavirus as well. If anything, this is the kind of news we should be watching right now, instead of that live coverage about a bunch of ‘rebels’ protesting to lift the lockdown.

2. Brazil is one of the hardest-hit countries in the coronavirus pandemic. But 99-year-old Ermando Piveta, a World War II veteran who made headlines last week by beating coronavirus, hails from the same country.

3. In fact, they do more than just make headlines. Cancer survivor Tom Moore, who’s also a 99-year-old World War II veteran, walks 100 laps in his garden and in doing so, raised an astonishing £23 million for the coronavirus pandemic.

4. And while humans are at it, nature does its part beautifully. Due to decreased pollution, Punjab skies have cleared up to reveal the sights of majestic Himalayas lounging more than 100 miles away. This has happened after a whopping 30 years.

5. We and New York could definitely use this rare, marvellous sight especially during a time when NY’s battle against the coronavirus is at its peak. The icing on the cake? It happened on Easter day, and the sight warmed up New Yorkers’ hearts by giving them a glimpse of the light at the end of the COVID tunnel.

6. Giada Collalto, a student in Spain wanted to return home to Italy amid the strict lockdown. She was stranded when her flight got cancelled and couldn’t get transport back home — until a taxi driver offered to drive her 12 hours from Spain to Italy for free.

7. Oh, wait! Not all happy stories will keep you running for tissues. Olive Veronesi, a granny living in Pittsburgh posts this picture with a card that reads “Need more beer”. Coors brewery responded to this cute request by sending 10 cases of beer to her doorsteps.

8. Atlanta Humane Society sent these puppies on a field trip to Georgia aquarium which is closed to the public now. They had the best day of their lives, in case if it’s not clear from their expressions.

And also some furry kittens!

Got your daily dose of happiness? There is always a reason to smile if you dig a little deeper. For more quarantine-proof entertainment, follow Pickyourtrail.

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