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Praslin Island in Seychelles – Where imagination meets reality

Your imagination of living in a paradise, relaxing and rejuvenating your souls in the white soft sandy beaches tapped by turquoise blue waters surrounded by lush hills meets reality when in Seychelles. If you are looking for this country with awe-inspiring places on the world map, you will probably see it just a dot in the Indian Ocean. But Seychelles, officially known as the Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago with 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, located off the coast of East Africa. Seychelles is a luxury that not just pleases travellers with deep pockets but also to the travellers who want to go easy-on-pockets. Keep reading to know more about Praslin Island in Seychelles.

Anse Georgette, praslin island, seychelles
Source: Unsplash

Praslin Island

Praslin Island is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations on our planet. This is the second latest city after Mahe. It is a heaven for nature lovers, a paradise for honeymooners and a dreamland for thrill-seekers. 

This island is well known for the Valle de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. and the Coco de Mer (Sea Coconut or Double coconut) that grows here in abundance. You might have to walk a bit if you are planning to visit the Valle de Mai. Though the path goes up and down, it is easy to walk.

Valle de Mai is a natural reserve that conserves six endemic palm species; including Coco de Mer.  The botanical name of Coco de Mer is Lodoicea maldivica. The tree grows up to 25-35 m and a full matured coconut will weigh between 15-30 kg with a diameter of 40 – 50 cm. 

Coco de mer, Seychelles
Source: Pixabay

Praslin Island also houses the to most beautiful beaches in the world, the Anse Lazio and the Anse Georgette. These are incredibly beautiful beaches are an ideal place for couples as well as families. The water deepens quickly and so, children are to be accompanied by adults. You can swim or snorkel here. Snorkelling kits are available for an additional coat in the shops near the beach. 

anse lazio, Praslin Island
Source: Pixabay

The other famous beaches that are here includes;

  • Cote d’Or Beach
  • Anse Cimitiere
  • Anse La Blague 
  • Bois de Rose
  • Anse Madge
  • Petite Anse Kerlan
  • Anse Matelot
  • Anse St Sauveur

Climate of Seychelles

Seychelles has a warm and tropical climate throughout the year. Anytime is a good time to visit Seychelles. But here are certain months that are best to indulge in various activities

  1. Sailing: All-year-round
  2. Snorkelling: All-year-round, However, the best months are April – May and October – November
  3. Surfing: May – September
  4. Diving: March-May and September – November
  5. Bird Watching: April – October. 

This charming island has been greatly attracting the newly-weds for the past two decades, including the likes of Aishwarya Rai Bachan and Abishek Bachan and Prince William and Kate Middleton. So what are you waiting for? Get started with building your itinerary in It’s time to visit one of the heavens on earth and enjoy the nightlife with dazzling casinos and with sizzling romantic dining on your Tour package to Seychelles. Happy Travelling!

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