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Praslin Museum – Learning about the society and culture of Seychelles

Seychelles, one of the most visited honeymoon destination, vows to its scenic locations. One of the countries that are termed as a high-income country in Africa by the World Bank. 1978 was the year when Seychelles got both its independence and Republic status. It is one of the countries in the Commonwealth. Around the year 1970, Seychelles was a place which was openly visited by filmstars. Divided into twenty-six regions, Seychelles comprises of 115 Islands. The Great Victoria, Capital of Seychelles, makes up of eight districts. The climate in these islands is quite humid, as the islands are small size. They are classified as Tropical rain forest. Seychelles is a major player in preserving endangered species. The gigantic land of Seychelle is home to more than 75 endangered species. Let us have a look at the Praslin Museum.

Seychelles Beaches
Seychelles | P.C – Google Images

Praslin Museum

Located near the Cote D’Or beach, The Praslin Museum is the first museum of Praslin. This museum is the best place to get to know about Praslin traditions and culture. visitors can also taste the fine-dine of Praslin cuisine here. The museum gives insight on the endemic and medicinal plants in Seychelles. They can refresh themselves with Citronella tea or any fruit juices. There is also an exhibit on fruit bats. Many activities are there for the tourists to try out in the Museum. One of such is feeding a fruit bat. This uniqueness makes this museum a must-visit for the tourists. Tortoise, Blue pigeons can be spotted near the museum. Some unique activities like Peeling coconut, tasting breadfruit are there. From the Jetty of Praslin terminal, it just takes 15 minutes by drive to reach the museum.

Fruit Bats near the Praslin Museum
Fruit Bats near the Praslin Museum | P.C – Google Images


  • On prior request, the museum arranges overnight accommodation for the visitors visiting the museum.
  • There may be extra charges for access to the traditional kitchen tour, that is inside the museum.
  • The best time to visit the museum is between April and May and also between October and November. This is the best time as you will be able to spot the wildlife near the museum.
  • By chance, if you are staying near the Acajou Hotel on Praslin Island, it is just 50 metres from this hotel. A 2 minutes walk will take you to the museum.
Seychelles beach
Seychelles beach | P.C – Google Images

Timings and Tickets


The Praslin Museum is open all days in the week. This is one of the main reason many tourists visit the place.

All days
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


The ticket pricing for the museum will be 180 SCR. This will be inclusive of the entrance tickets and a guided tour to guide you through all the sections of the museum. This will be 1000 INR in Indian currency and 13 USD in Us dollars.

Seychelles is one of the better tourist destinations for people to explore and release their stress. It is also a famous honeymoon destination and people mostly visit Seychelles for honeymoon. With the Praslin Museum, you will be getting to know about the culture and traditions of Praslin. Make your own itinerary on our website for the best rates for Seychelles packages. Also, check out our website pickyourtrail.com for more fresh content on travel.

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