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Prepare For Your First African Wildlife Safari Tour With These Practical Tips

Many people choose to visit Africa and go on a wildlife adventure holiday. Let’s face it; you are likely to enjoy the experience more than say looking at caged animals in a zoo. That’s because you can see all kinds of animals living in their natural habitat. They are free to roam and aren’t restricted by space.

As you’re reading this, I will assume that you’re ready to start planning your adventure. But, as you’re new to this, what preparations do you need to make? And where do you start?

The following tips will help you to prepare for your African wildlife adventure. Here is what you need to know:

Choose where to go

There’s no point going on a holiday adventure of a lifetime if you don’t know where to go! The first thing you need to do is decide which parts of Africa you wish to visit.

As you know, Africa is a vast continent and comprises of many countries. Many people opt for destinations within South Africa and Zimbabwe, for example. While others may wish to visit countries like Botswana and Namibia.

This is a glimpse of North Botswana ‘s best Safari experiences:

Image Credit: Alumni
Image Credit: Alumni
Image Credit: Flickr
Image Credit: Flickr

When planning your destinations, you need to take into account your holiday budget. Flying to a location and booking accommodation is one thing. But, it’s another to have enough cash to book safari tours and guides.

I recommend doing plenty of Web research before you make your decision. To help you with that, check our itineraries for an amazing trip to Africa.

Know what you’re looking for and how to spot them

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

There’s no doubt you’ll be itching to locate some particular animals on your travels. Especially if you wish to capture them on film! Check out the website for details if you’re not sure.

Get the best deals on flights, transfers and accommodation

Next comes the process of organising your flights and places to stay when you’re abroad. There are two options open to you here. The first is to visit a travel agent or a specialist that arranges African wildlife holidays. And the other is to seek out deals online for your flights and accommodation.

You might not think it, but quite often it can work out cheaper to book through a travel agent. That’s because they may have deals with particular airlines and hotels. They might also have special offers that work out much cheaper than booking elsewhere.

Because of the costs involved, it’s crucial you get prices from many sources and compare them. That way, you can make sure you don’t pay over the odds for your African adventure holiday.

Image Credit: Africa Point

Make sure you get vaccinated before you leave

Around two months before you are due to fly off to Africa, you should visit your doctor. He or she will give you the vaccinations you need and written proof that you’ve had them. For some countries, this is part of the entry requirements.

Before you leave, be sure to pack all essentials like a hat, suntan lotion and mosquito repellent. It also makes sense to take anti-malaria tablets with you too.

And,do check this list of interesting things you can do in South Africa when you explore the country.

I hope you have a brilliant South Africa tours. See you soon!

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