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Colouring book
Written by Akshaya Devi on April 23, 2020 Share on

Amazing places around the world you can… colour now!

While colouring promotes creativity and keeps boredom at bay, it is also a fun exercise for folks quarantined at home with kids. Grab them colour pencils and crayons left to collect dust on your bookshelf, who knows, you might as well catch up on a lost hobby:)

What’s in store?

1. This pristine ivory palazzo is perfect just the way it is. But why not throw some colour to match its fiery temperament?

2. This vivid cathedral built 459 years ago hasn’t lost one bit of its shimmer. Do your best to outsmart its natural colour, or play safe and recreate it!

3. These Australian sweethearts come only in shades of brown, grey and sometimes, questionable red. But only in reality. Make them come out in flying colours, will you?

4. In Switzerland, all roads lead to paradise. By roads, I mean train lines. Now what colours go well with the snow-covered Alps? Your call!

5. Let your imagination run wild while you give this iconic mascot of Singapore an eye-popping makeover.

Some instructions before you start —

  • Take a print-out of the colouring book and start colouring on paper. Colouring on paper is a proven method to get your kids’ creative juices flowing.
  • Perhaps you would like to learn digital painting along the way? Download the files in jpg format and colour away digitally using apps like Procreate on iPads and Adobe Photoshop on laptops.
  • And finally, don’t lock away the amazing results! Share your final outputs with us by tagging us on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter and dare your friends to do the same.
  • ArE yOu GaMe?

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