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A Guide to Using Public Transport in Prague

Prague, the largest city in the Czech Republic receives millions of tourists every year. The city is a paradise for all art and history enthusiasts. The presence of a large number of monuments, palaces, churches, and other medieval and modern structures adds up to the scenic beauty of this capital city of the Czech Republic. Getting around in Prague as a resident or a tourist is quite convenient due to the presence of an effective public transport system. The locals and tourists can use the Prague City Transport Authority Network which includes trams, buses, metros, funicular, and railways to commute within the city.


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Age-wise Ticketing System

Before we learn in details about the public transport system in Prague, let us have a look at the age-wise categorization considered in their ticketing system.

  • Infant: Person below 6 years of age
  • Child: Person aged from 6-14 years
  • Student: Person aged from 15-26 years and carrying a valid student ID
  • Adult: Person aged from 15 to 69 years
  • Senior Citizen: Person aged 70 and above

Lictacka Travel Pass

Instead of buying a ticket every time you avail a public transport, you can rather buy the Litacka Prague Travel Card. The Litacka Travel Card costs CZK100 and can be purchased both online and offline. It allows adults to use it for a period of one month to a year. If the Litacka Travel Card is purchased by children aged from 6-14; it will allow them to travel free.

prague public transport
Image credit – www.prague.eu

Prague Tourist Travel Pass

For tourists, this is obviously not a very feasible option. They can rather go for the Prague 3 Day Travel Pass which will allow them to use public transport for a period of 72 hours post the first stamping, i.e. when they take their first ride. These passes are available to purchase at the larger metro stations as well as the Prague Tourist Information Centres. The 3-day pass can be purchased using a credit or debit card and will cost CZK 310. One Day Travel Passes are also available for purchase. If you have children travelling with you who are under 6 years old, they can accompany you for free but for children above 6 years, free travel is only allowed if they have a Litacka Travel Card.

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Prague Ticket System

People can also purchase tickets to commute using the Prague public transport. The 2 main types of tickets used are CZK 32 adult ticket and CZK 24 adult ticket. For the CZK 34 adult ticket is a 4 zone ticket and is ideal for someone who travels for more than 30 minutes daily whereas the CZK 24 ticket is valid for 3 zones and is ideal for adults travelling for less than 30 minutes in a day. Each large piece of baggage requires a 16kc ticket. People with 1 or 3-day passes are entitled to one large item of travel free.

prague funicular
Image credit – wikipedia.org

Operating Time

The Prague metro has 3 lines-A (Green), B (Yellow) and C (Red) and the trains run from 5 in the morning till midnight and the frequency is also very good. A new train runs in every 5-10 minutes. Most of the trams and buses run from 4:30 AM to 11:30 PM daily every 5-25 minutes and covers almost every area of Prague. Certain lines also have the facility of night tram and bus services. Most domestic trains depart from Prague Masarykovo Nadrazi, Prague Hlavni Nadrazi (Main Station) or from Praha Smichov. For detailed information on the maps and routes, you can visit this page.

One of the most uncertain parts of any trip is transportation. We cannot assume what a private car or a taxi might charge us during a trip. Thankfully, Prague has an effective public transport system that is value for money. If you ever wish to visit Prague, at least you won’t have to bother about spending unnecessarily on your transport. You can reach out to us at Pickyourtrail to help you plan a customized Czech Republic package.


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