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Written by Akshaya Devi on May 28, 2020 Share on

Quarantine rules for domestic air travel

While many states resumed air travel on May 25th, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal postponed the operations to slightly later dates—May 26th and 28th. Some states have made 14-day quarantine mandatory while some have decided to cut some slack for asymptomatic travellers. Confusions still prevail on what rules apply where—take a look at the state-wise break down of quarantine rules for domestic air travel.

State-wise break down of quarantine rules for domestic air travel

Tamil Nadu

Travellers who arrive at the Chennai international airport if found asymptomatic will be advised to stay in home quarantine for 14 days. In any case, travellers showing symptoms will be admitted in a healthcare centre. Travellers without the facilities for home quarantine will have to undertake paid institutional quarantine. For now, incoming flights to Chennai is limited to 25 per day, and there is no such cap on outgoing flights.

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Andhra Pradesh

Travellers who arrive in Andhra Pradesh from Chennai, Mumbai, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Delhi might need to undergo mandatory institutional quarantine for 7 days whereas others need to stay in home quarantine for 14 days.


Kerala has instructed the travellers to proceed with bookings only after getting a travel permit from Kerala government as well their local authorities. The quarantine rules are the same for everybody irrespective the zone they depart from—to undergo 14-day home quarantine upon entry. But Kerala deems only travellers under these categories eligible to get an ePass—

  • Travellers from neighbouring states undergoing medical treatment in Kerala
  • Pregnant women with family members living in Kerala
  • Students stranded in other states
  • Senior citizens with family members living in Kerala
  • People who have lost their job amidst the pandemic


Delhi has decided not to enforce mandatory quarantine for asymptomatic travellers. Those showing mild symptoms will be advised to monitor their health for 14 days at home and will be tested for symptoms after a few days. They can contact health authorities if they develop any of the COVID-19 symptoms before that.


Incoming travellers need to undergo a 7-day quarantine if they are coming from states which have higher COVID-19 cases. This includes people from Tamil Nadu and Mumbai as well.

Uttar Pradesh

Travellers who are visiting for less than a week need not undergo quarantine if they show their return tickets. They can’t enter the containment zones, however. Other travellers will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine—but they will be tested for symptoms on the 6th day from arrival and will be deemed free of quarantine if they show no signs of COVID-19.


Those who arrive at Goa with a COVID-negative health certificate will not be subject to quarantine. Others need to comply with COVID-19 screenings at the airport and undergo home quarantine if need be.


Asymptomatic travellers will be subject to 14-day mandatory quarantine at their homes and will be tested periodically by rapid testing teams. Those who show COVID-19 symptoms will need to undergo institutional quarantine and treatment.


Travellers who are returning on the same day of arrival will not be quarantined. Quarantine rules for others include 7-day institutional quarantine followed by 7-day home quarantine.

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