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Rafting in Geneva
Written by Winston on May 30, 2020 Share on

Rafting In Geneva, Switzerland: For the Adrenaline Junkie in You

Geneva in Switzerland is one of the underrated regions to do adventure sports but it offers an amazing rafting experience for all those adrenaline junkies out there. There are multiple levels of difficulty people can choose from two basics, three intermediate and 1 expert level, the expert level can be only done by people who already have prior experience or must be physically fit because there is a test to be cleared before taking it up.

People of different age groups can enjoy rafting in Geneva. The cheapest and easiest ones are for the children. It is very crucial to remember the tips given by professionals to stay safe on the waters no matter which level of difficulty you choose. The guides and trainers have gone through extensive training before they become instructors and they would have gone through the experience of white water rafting in Geneva thousands of times. To ensure they do their jobs properly various precautionary measures are also taken because at the end of the day it’s the safety of the tourist that matters the most.

Rafting in group
Image Source: Pixabay

The mixed feeling of fear and excitement is one key aspect of any adventure sport and rafting in Geneva helps you do the same and have an unforgettable experience during the process. One key aspect that most of the tourists miss out is the trainer’s advice before the tour, it is very important for one to listen to this carefully because the rapid flow of water is enough to take anybody with it. However, there are slower parts to the stream as well where tourists can enjoy the scenery around.


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Price for Rafting in Geneva

The type of rafting that one selects and the duration of the raft is what constitutes the price of the package. On average it costs between INR.2000 to INR.4000 if you take the intermediate levels for a period for an hour or so. It is an amazing experience for friends and family and worth the cost.

Best Time To Do Rafting in Geneva

9 AM – 6 PM is the timings for river rafting in Geneva. The best time in the year to do this would be Summer and Spring because during Winters the waters tend to be very cold or in some cases the river freezes, so anytime between the months of April to October would be great. The duration of the activity depends on the package you take, tourists in general love this experience and common feedback is that the duration is always less for them once they are on the tour, so think wisely before you go with one option to have no regrets.

Through the rapids
Image Source: Pixabay

Guideline before Rafting in Geneva

  • Make sure you read the manual before you go forward with rafting in Geneva, though it might sound menial, knowledge can save your life if there is a dire situation.
  • Always listen to the instruction of the guide while on the raft, don’t try to do something fancy and put all on-board at risk.
  • Do not litter anywhere on the river

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If you ever feel like having an adrenaline rush and want to experience the same in Switzerland, River Rafting in Geneva is one of the best places to do the same. Not sure how to plan the itinerary? Worry not, our destination experts at Pickyourtrail will craft the best Switzerland tour package or Switzerland honeymoon package.

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