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Rainbow Mountain
Written by Preetha Manivelan on August 1, 2020 Share on

Rainbow Mountain In Peru – Get Amazed By The Colours

Rainbow Mountain in Peru is one of the top attractions to visit in South America. As the name speaks for itself, the mountain looks absolutely colourful which is such a beautiful sight to behold. Interestingly, this place was undiscovered until the year 2015 and over the span of four years, Rainbow Mountain has become the second most popular attraction in Peru after Machu Picchu. You might have seen a lot of pictures where people describe this awe-striking attraction or found its images popping up whenever you are searching for the best places to visit in South America. But, what is this mountain famous for? What makes this mountain worth-visiting? It’s time that you should know how amazing this mountain is and I am more than glad to describe to you about it.

When someone talks about mountains, the first thing that would come to our mind is hiking, right? It is the most thrilling part of any trip. Just imagine how awesome it will be to hike a mountain that’s filled with a lot of colours. No, we aren’t dreaming. That is exactly how hiking the Rainbow Mountain will be like. If you want to know more about what Rainbow Mountain has for you and how exciting and colourful your hiking is going to be, check this out. By the end of the article, you will realise why the mountain is always crowded with tourists and a few things to know before visiting this place. Awesomeness alert!

Rainbow Mountain in Peru
Photo by Johnson Wang on Unsplash

The amazingly painted Rainbow Mountain in Peru

To reach the base of Rainbow Mountain, you can either take a full-day tour from Cusco or self-drive to the place. But be prepared to ride through the most difficult path. If it is a one-day hike, you might have to start early in the morning from Cusco. The ride will take around 3 hours to reach the base where you will be starting to hike the mountain. If you think it costs way more than your actual budget, then you can rent a horse to reach the base. It will be another amazing experience that you could get on your visit to Rainbow Mountain.

Everything about hiking this mountain

Hiking this mountain is popular in a lot of ways. This is one of the mountains which could literally make your jaw drop at every step you take. Its beauty is quite obvious because simply a place can’t gain such popularity among the tourists in a really short time, right? There has to be something extraordinary which could be realised only if you visit in person.

Hiking Rainbow Mountain
Image Credits: Google Images

Okay, let’s now dive deep into hiking. There are many hikes that you can take which varies from 9-day to 1-day. As we all know, hiking is the best part of the trip that will be quite challenging yet beautiful in its own way. So, you will start to hike the mountain and stop at a few places for a break if you would like. There are so many villages along the way so it wouldn’t be a boring stopover though.

The hiking depends mainly on two factors which are the fitness level and your ability to adjust to the altitude and climate. If you are an experienced hiker and sure about hiking this mountain, then don’t think too much. Though you might have hiked a few mountains in the past, this would be one hell of an experience. But, if you are a beginner, then do prepare your mind for it.

Why should you reach the top?

Here comes the most amazing part. Once you complete the hike and reach the viewpoint, you will realise how worth-visiting it is. While looking at the amazing views, you will forget the pain that your feet had to take because of hiking. And yes, to get such beautiful and breathtaking views of the surroundings, you will have to take a difficult hike. But trust me, it is absolutely worth it. You are surely missing out on something if you don’t reach the top of the mountain. When you visit this viewpoint in person, you will get to know that there is something more than just the colours of the mountain. Because it is not only the mountain that’s breathtakingly beautiful but the entire view that you will get from the top is sumptuous. It might be way too amazing for your eyes to handle so be ready to get stunned!

The colourful mountain
Image Credits: Google Images

Things to know about Rainbow Mountain

  • Check the weather before you visit.
  • Be prepared for all kinds of weather.
  • The endpoint of the hike is going to be at a pretty high altitude.
  • There are other alternatives to try if you find difficulties in hiking Rainbow Mountain.
  • You can either pre-book or book it on spot. But it is recommended to pre-book to avoid last-minute hassles.
An amazing view of Rainbow Mountain
Photo by McKayla Crump on Unsplash

What to pack?

If you are going to reach the top of the mountain, then you might feel the freezing cold. So, make sure you pack some gloves and a waterproof jacket. Along with that, pack sunscreen, a layer of clothing that isn’t cotton, comfortable hiking shoes and a water bottle (Never plan hiking without a water bottle).

FAQs about Rainbow Mountain in Peru

1. What is the best time to visit Rainbow Mountain?

It is recommended to visit Rainbow Mountain between March and November.

2. How many kilometres is the hike to Rainbow Mountain?

The hike is about 7 – 8 kilometres which will be well worthy of a try.

An image of a tourist admiring the mountain
Image Credits: Google Images

I couldn’t stop describing how beautiful this place is. There are people who used to run to take a picture when a rainbow shows up in the sky. And, a mountain like a rainbow will surely leave anyone stunned. I think I have given you enough spoilers about the things that Rainbow Mountain is going to gift you with. So, are you planning to visit? I know you are. After all, how many mountains exist which are painted in beautiful colours like a rainbow? To plan your trip, visit the website of Pickyourtrail and make your way to this beautiful Rainbow Mountain in Peru by checking out some cool packages to South America. Leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

Visit to get amazed by the colours!

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