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Rajasthan in India
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on June 20, 2020 Share on

Places to visit in Rajasthan during winter

Rajasthan is best known for its deserts in India. And this is why this royal state displays extreme weather conditions across the different time periods of the day. It is usually blazing hot during the daytime and the temperatures drop to freezing cold in the night. Though it is chilly, Rajasthan in winter is bearable during the day making it a perfect time to explore the wilderness, nature of the state, cuisine and the handloom of the state which are considered to be really worthy.

Mount Abu in Rajasthan
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Things to do in Rajasthan during Winter

1. Kumbhalgarh Festival

Celebrated in the month of December is the Kumbhalgarh festival. Held in the Fort of Kumbhalgarh, the festival where the state celebrates the fine arts such as music, dance, folklore etc. The festival is celebrated three days long with the entire fort decorated with colourful flowers, chandeliers and lights. Highlights of the festival are the folk dances performed by the local residents and tribes of Rajasthan.

2. Magnetic Field Festival

Celebrated in the Pink City, Jaipur, Magnetic Field festival is a three-day-long musical feast that exhibits the hippy side of Jaipur. The festival also includes interesting games like treasure hunting, rooftop dancing, secret parties and everything else to make the festival lit. At the time of celebrations, there are tents organised for accommodation and safety reasons. Though celebrated in a grand manner, the festival is not open for all and is ticketed. The price of the ticket per person is Rs 8500/-.

3. Mount Abu Winter Festival

Organized by the Rajasthan Tourism Development along with the Municipal Board of Mount Abu, the Winter Festival is conducted to display the rich culture and tradition of Rajasthan. The festival is conducted three days long in a lavish manner near Lake Nakki. The festival includes dance, music like Ghoomar and Daph.

Folklore of Rajasthan
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4. Keoladeo National Park

Not just festivals, the Keoladeo Park in Rajasthan is a perfect place for a day’s visit during the winter and it is one of the best National Parks in Rajasthan. The entire park is filled with migratory birds. The park’s architecture gets its inspiration from Rajput and Mughal designs. The entry fee to the park is Rs 50/- for the Indians and Rs 400/- for foreign nationals. The park can be visited between 8 AM – 5 PM on all days of the week.

5. Bundi

Situated in the Hadoti region is the town of Bundi in the state of Rajasthan. Rapidly growing in terms of tourism, the town has a small oasis and many attractions spots like forts, palaces and mansions. The town is also called the Blue city in the eastern region of Rajasthan has a rustic charm to the buildings making one feel like they are in a medieval era.

6. Dausa

Dausa is a huge palace with a number of steps near the well inside the palace. Known for its majestic structure and rich grandeur, the place is perfect for a day trip with family & friends.

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