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Sri Lanka’s Ravana Cave: Unveiling Historic Wonders

Ella is a tiny town controlled by an Urban Council in the Badulla District of Uva Province, Sri Lanka. It is located roughly 200 kilometres east of Colombo at an elevation of 1,041 meters above sea level. The area boasts a diverse bio-diversity, with a wide range of vegetation and animal. Ella is bordered by cloud forests and tea plantations on the hillsides. Because of its height, the town enjoys a colder temperature than the neighbouring plains. The Ella Gap provides views of Sri Lanka’s southern lowlands. Ravana Cave, which is linked to King Ravana of the classic Indian epic Ramayana, is a noteworthy sight in Ella.

Sri Lanka
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Best time to visit Sri Lanka

The country has two different seasons: dry and rainy. To comprehend Sri Lanka’s climate, one must first get acquainted with its monsoon seasons – the southwest monsoon and the northeastern monsoon. The former gives rain to Sri Lanka’s southwestern area between May and November and remains dry from December to April. The latter gives rain to Sri Lanka’s northern and eastern coastal regions between October and January but remains dry between May and September.

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The best time to visit the west and south coasts and hill country is typically from December to June, whereas the best time to visit the east coast is from April / May to October. From November through May, the weather is at its best, and travellers from all over the world flock to the area. However, if someone plans to travel during the offseason, this location may be far less expensive than typical. During the months of May through September, this location experiences the Monsoon season.

Ravana Cave

The well-known Ravana Cave is where Ravana imprisoned Sita after stealing her. It was formerly hidden by dense forest, but now it is covered by the 82-foot Ravana waterfalls, with a lake at the base where Sita is said to have bathed. An old temple, waterfalls, and a cave may be found at this location. This location is around 6 kilometres from Ella railway station and 11 kilometres from Bandarwela. The cave is positioned 1370 meters above sea level on a rock. Surprisingly, there is a tunnel leading to Ravana Eliya in the rear of the cave. Archaeological research has also proven human occupancy, which dates back 25000 years.

Ravana Cave
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The Ravana Caves in Ella are a famous historical landmark. It is located on a rock in Ella and is 4,950 feet above sea level. This cave is a section of the tunnel that connects to the Ravana Ella Falls. According to legend, King Rama of India had a lovely wife named Queen Sita. King Ravana abducted Queen Sita and took her to Sri Lanka, where she was imprisoned in these caverns. These tunnels provided abundant access for swift and uninterrupted passage, making them the ideal entryway for King Ravana. Ella was important to both the myth and the actuality of this epic narrative. It is also claimed that Ravana and Ella had close relationships.


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Aside from the fiction and fact of this event, the cave has a magnificent experience behind its existence and is known by the locals as the “Rawana Guhawa.” This cave is presently located near the town of Ella. A stroll toward the cave reveals man-made stairs that vanish at the cave’s entrance, and then rails are supplied to ascend inside the cave. Because the ascent is steep, it is not suggested for the elderly.


Excavations in this ancient cave showed human occupancy reaching back to 20,000 BC. The cave is 1,370 meters (4,490 feet) above sea level and is 50 feet wide, 150 feet long, and 60 feet high. The cave is also said to be linked to the Dowa Rock Temple cave near Badulla. The network of caverns and tunnels is entirely man-made, connecting all major cities and serving as quickly hidden passageways through the mountains. Ravana Falls, a 25-meter waterfall, is located behind the cave (Ravana Ella). During the wet season, the magnificent waterfall is one of the widest in Sri Lanka. Princess Sita is supposed to have bathed in a pool of water accumulated by the waterfall. Ella has the clearest connection and linkage to the Ramayana epic events that occurred so long ago – Hindus having great faith in the legend encircling the prehistoric monarch Ravana.

The underground passageway A modest notice board indicates the turn off to the Sita Cave, said to be the dwelling of the princess in the Ramayana, as you go from Ella on the Wellawaya road. The tunnel underneath the ground As you go from Ella on the Wellawaya road, a tiny notice board announces the turnoff to the Sita Cave, thought to be the princess’s residence in the Ramayana.

Ravana Falls

Ravana Falls, located 7 kilometres from Ella, is another tourist destination. The rainy season is the greatest time to explore the town and its environs. During the rainy season, the dancing waters resemble an areca flower, but in the summer, there may be no water at all. As a result, plan your vacation properly. The waterfalls, which fall from a height of 82 meters, originate on the Wewatenna upland. It is said to be one of the country’s widest falls. This location’s history may be traced back to Lord Rama’s reign. According to legend, Ravana hid Sita in the caverns where the river flows. Sita is said to have bathed in the stream of waters that cascades and terminates in a pool. As a result, this location is frequented not only by nature lovers but also by devotees.

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Other things to do in Ella 

  • Little Adams Peak
  • Nine Arches Bridge
  • Halpewatte Tea Factory
  • Demodara Railway Loop
  • Gal Oya National Park
  • Horton Plains National Park
  • Gregory’s lake
  • World’s end
  • Galway’s Land National Park
Sri Lanka
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