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A couple holding hand covered in gloves.
Written by Ritu Johny on May 29, 2020 Share on

Love in the Time of Corona: Real-life Stories from Around the World

While quarantine might have restricted us from going about our daily duties, it has nevertheless reinforced our faith in love existing sans any borders. Check out these unique love stories from around the world bound to warm your hearts!

Modern-day Romeo & Juliet

City of Verona. Melodious live music. Two pandemic-crossed lovers. No, this is not Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet but rather, the setting of a balcony-brewed romance from Italy, some 400 years later! Michele D’Alpaos, 38, and Paolo Agnelli, 39, fell for each other while watching a musical performance from their respective balconies during Italy’s strict lockdown period. Without further ado, Alpaos threw a surprise balcony-ball with their neighbours, dropping a large sign with Paolo’s name from the top floor of the apartment. The couple ultimately met after almost a month of socially-distanced (God bless balconies) dating and Alpaos could barely mask (pun intended) his joy, “It was wonderful to finally meet her, she is more beautiful than I thought.”

A cute balcony in Verona, Italy.

Love beyond borders

A woman from green zone and a man from red zone tied the knot at the Uttarakhand-Uttar Pradesh border in India recently. After the latest lockdown demarcated fresh borders, people living in a red zone weren’t allowed to enter a green zone. Arvind, a resident of Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh acquired a travel pass to drive to Jaspur in Uttarakhand where Chhaya, the bride, resided. At the Bijnor border, cops stopped the groom from going any further. He informed his in-laws and a new wedding venue was finalised in a jiffy! With police granting approval to conduct the ceremony in Dharampura at Uttarakhand’s border, Chhaya and family immediately made arrangements to reach the location. The bride and groom were finally declared man and wife with a priest, close family and cops in tow!

A Hindu marriage in progress.

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A viral rooftop-romance

Taking social media by storm, Jeremy Cohen and Tori Cignarella’s rooftop romance might have kickstarted the quarantine love genre! Photographer Cohen spotted Tori dancing on her rooftop one day and proceeded to share his number via a drone delivery! The next thing we know, they are on their first date! Tori from her rooftop and Cohen from his balcony, enjoyed a microwaveable meal with wine and the works. “The date was going so well. Depending on the quarantine period, I might be in a long-distance relationship with someone who lives across the street,” said Cohen. He took his courtship a notch higher by appearing in a plastic bubble (with flowers and sanitiser, mind you) to take Tori out for a walk around the city. Soon enough, the quarantine cuties were stopped by the police, only to be asked to pose for a selfie! His videos documenting the innovative date ideas have garnered over 9 million views on various social media platforms.

If these tales are anything to go by, Covid19 could have locked us up in our homes but was unsuccessful in quarantining our hearts! Here’s to spreading love and only love. Follow @Pickyourtrail for some lighthearted stories to cheer you up amid the corona crisis!

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