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Western Australia’s Incredible Bubblegum Pink Lake AKA Lake Hillier

Australia is no short of wonders. But there lies in the South Western Coast of Australia, an incredible lake so pink in colour that it easily stands apart as the most beautiful natural phenomenon in Australia.

What is Pink Lake?

Pink Lake is a saline lake found in Australia. Contrasting the deep blue ocean, the bubblegum pink lake is 600 metres in length and 250 metres in width and is a famous tourist destination that draws travellers from all over the world.

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Where is the Pink Lake?

The Pink Lake is located in the Middle Islands, the largest island in the Recherche Archipelago, 70 miles away from the Goldfields-Esperance region. Surprisingly, there are four other pink lakes in Australia apart from Lake Hillier, namely, Lake Kenyon, Lake Crosbie, Lake Hardy, and Lake Becking. But Lake Hillier is the most famous among these as it’s the pinkest in colour and also has a postcard-perfect background.

Why is Lake Hillier pink?

The Pink Lake was discovered in 1802 by British explorer Matthew Flinders and has defied scientific explanations for so many years since. Scientists attribute the bright pink colour of Lake Hillier to the presence of Dunaliella Salina, a micro algae commonly found in salty lakes. With the ability to thrive in salt content as high in concentration as 6% to 35%, the algae secrete carotenoid red pigments, leaving the lake in the colour of strawberry milkshake.

Is the Pink Lake dangerous?

There is no proven harm that Lake Hillier or Dunaliella Salina can cause to human beings. However, Lake Hillier is a protected natural reserve and there are only fewer ways to see it. Swimming in Lake Hillier, however, is prohibited altogether.

How to reach the Pink Lake?

There are several operators offering flight rides to see the Pink Lake from the air. Lasting an hour or two, most of these tours take visitors from Esperance around the islands and national parks in the Recherche Archipelago before reaching Lake Hillier.

What to do and see near the Pink Lake?

Although you can’t get up close with Lake Hillier, there is no short of activities to near Lake Hillier. Visit Cape Le Grand National Park where you may spot a Kangaroo while camping near Lucky Bay or sunbathing by Hellfire Bay. For those who are looking for adventure, surfing in Hellfire Bay would also be a good start. Apart from national parks, Esperance has some of the best outdoor adventure spots in Australia.

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