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Reasons to visit Thailand
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10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Thailand – The Land of Smiles

Popularly known to the world as Amazing Thailand. Located in the heart of mainland Southeast Asia, It is one of the places that hit the top list of must-dos of pretty much every explorer wishing to venture to the far corners of the planet. In this Theravada land, you’ll discover grand and holy sanctuaries, wonderful seashores and all strict and tasteful relics that are one of their kind.

Why visiting Thailand is a great idea?

Have you ever wondered what visiting Thailand as a destination is like? Here are some of the best reasons to visit Thailand.

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1. The Thailand Culture

Thailand culture may astound you in light of the fact that individuals truly have solid Thailand traditions and customs that shape who they are today and give them a social character. See underneath to get familiar with the Thailand culture and customs as far as family, religion, tradition, and status.

2. Diverse Geography

Thailand has a wonderful topographical variety. It is the 50th biggest country on the planet. The primary geographic highlights of the nation include central planes, plateaus and high range mountains. It’s anything but a long rocky boundary with Myanmar which extends from south to north to the Malay Peninsula. Presently, this reality about Thailand is one of the best reasons to visit Thailand immediately.

3. The Language

A piece of the Thai culture is the language. Their official known language is Thai, which is educated at schools and spoken all through the country. In any case, in the far south and northern Thai areas, there are various vernaculars that exist like Isan, Phu, Phuan, Thai Dam, Galtung, or different lingos and minority dialects.

4. The Religion of Thailand

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An interesting reality about Thailand is it has no authority religion. Each individual in Thailand has the opportunity to venerate any God or any Religion. In the event that investigating the religion characterisations, the principal religion followed by individuals are Theravada or Buddhist religion, which is almost 95% of the all-out populace follows it. The leftover populace follows Islam, which establishes about 4.6% of the whole local area. The Christians cover 0.7%, and the rest is split between Hindu, Jews, Sikhs and so on. Thailand shows you a wide range of diversity among people and their culture and that’s what makes Thailand stand out from other countries.

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5. Temples of Thailand

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This is not just a fact about Thailand but also one thing that everyone visiting this beautiful country will know of. There are about 35,000 temples in Thailand, all of them having sacred religious importance. The most famous temples are Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok as well as Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. The Buddha is mainly made up of bronze, stone, terracotta, wood or ivory. While visiting a temple, visitors should cover their shoulders and knees, and wear some decent dress. One should not walk in with shorts, either.

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6. The Thai Cuisine

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Thai food is one of the world’s most well-known cooking styles and profoundly viewed as a culinary structure on the planet. Impacted by Chinese and Indian cooking styles, Thai food has mixed those expressions and made the innovation of its own. Thai food is viewed as trustworthy in cooking and sensitive in dish enhancement, making it elegant culinary craftsmanship, for is taste as well as its appearance. The blend of sour, sweet, pungent, sour and spicy flavours make a lavish blend that has got one of the world’s most well-known cooking styles.

7. The Art, Music, and Dance of Thailand

The Art

Thailand workmanship and culture is something travellers love about the country. Past showing a work of art, it’s anything but a rich history behind each workmanship piece. Conventional Thailand Art and culture is generally made out of Buddhist craftsmanship and scenes from the Indian stories, comparable with different styles from Southeast Asia, like Khmer. You can see probably the most stunning art pieces at Bangkok expressions and culture focus.

The Music

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The contemporary music scene in Thailand keeps on building up speed with a functioning industry that is seeing the development of talented vocalists and many pop stars. A large portion of this music is sung in the neighbourhood Thai language, yet the creative capacity and tune composing are still of an expert norm. The music in the northeast of the nation is drawing in more extensive help and is styled on current stone.

The Dance

Traditional Thai Dance is a mix of smooth body developments notwithstanding elaborate outfits and music. There is an aggregate of six unique types of Thai dance: the khon, li-khe, slam wong, shadow puppetry, lakhon lek, and lakhon. Quite possibly the most unmistakable part of this Thai work of art is the outfits worn by the entertainers. In spite of the fact that the nature of the plans has steadily declined since their beginnings a few centuries prior, the outfits actually stay shocking and elaborate.

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8. The Festivals and Celebrations

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Most celebrations are associated with Buddhism or other religions like Chakri Day, Coronation Day, the Royal Plowing Ceremony, the queen’s birthday, Chulalongkorn Day, and the current king’s birthday (5 December). Other famous festivals in the country that make the Thailand culture and tradition so popular are Songkran (The Water Festival), Loy Krathong (Festival of Lights), Yi Peng Festival, Magha Puja, and Visakha Bucha (Buddha’s Birthday).

9.  The Attire of Thailand

The conventional Thailand clothing is called chut thai, which is a real sense signifies “Thai outfit.” It can be worn by men, ladies, and kids.

There are a few sorts of chut Thai for ladies, each has various styles, articles of clothing, examples, and frill. Some Thai outfits can be worn at any proper event, while others are ordinarily more connected with specific occasions. The chut thai for ladies are: Ruean Ton, Chakkri, Siwalai, Boromphiman, Chitlada, Amarin, Chakkraphat, and Dusit.

For men, chut Thai them is known as suea phraratchathan (“definitely gave shirt”), the shirt is secured, has a long neckline, and can have sleeves of any length.

10. Morals and Etiquette

One thing that every visitor love about Thailand customs and traditions are the upsides of Thai individuals. They are incredibly amiable and have their own specific manners of showing regard. They utilize the motion called wai, a Thailand customary practice to show regard to individuals. In addition treat the head of an individual as a holy piece of the body so as a feature of the Thailand customs, you ought not to touch somebody’s head. The left hand is additionally viewed as messy in Thailand. It shouldn’t be utilised to eat, shake hands, or get blessings

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