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Reasons to Visit Finland
Written by Akshaya Devi on July 2, 2019 Share on

Find Out Why World’s Happiest Country, Finland, Should Be On Every Traveller’s Bucketlist

Finland is beguiling forests, enchanting lakes, chalky mountains and in short — Scandinavian beauty at its best. While Finland’s privilege as the world’s happiest country is in itself the main reason why you should visit this country, here are a few more. Just to tease 😉

Say hello to Santa Claus at the Rovaniemi village!

Spend a night in an igloo in kakslauttanen to marvel at the Aurora Borealis


Finland Tour Package @ ₹51,697*

Unwrap the Oulanka national park for a dose of Finnish wilderness

Attend the quirkiest festivals you can ever come across — From championships in wife-carrying and Finnish dialect speaking to swamp soccer, the Finns just celebrate the little things in life!

Brave sauna like a Finn!

Finland is winter wonderland.

Stroll the Helsinki streets and grab a cup of coffee with the world’s most coffee-holics!

Watch the Savonlinna opera fest in the 1475 castle set afloat Lake Saimaa.

Or you’re crazy about heavy metal music? So is Finland. You should totally check out Tuska open air metal festival!

One of the world’s most powerful, the Finnish passport grants you access to 187 countries!

These are after all, only a few among the exciting many reasons why taking up a Finland tour package should top your bucket list! Walk up to Pickyourtrail anytime you make up your mind to traverse this Scandinavian beauty.

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