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Delhi in India
Written by Siddhi on May 21, 2020 Share on

Best Resorts Near Delhi For Weekend Getaways

After a week of hard work, all of us deserve some good time over the weekend. Although it is not always possible to plan a trip to some distant destination, there is no harm in planning a staycation, right? There are various luxury resorts near Delhi where you can spend two days of the weekend with your loved ones in luxury. Check out some of the best choices of resorts for your luxury filled weekends.

1. ITC Grand Asian nation

ITC contains a complete price and expectation. This edifice overfills both. This is often associated with exotic luxury resorts set in Mewat, Gurugram, very short distance from the urban centre. The closest airport is the Gandhi International airport and also the nearest railway network is from Gurgaon. This is a 5-star retreat and a golf resort that is set on the Aravali ranges. The edifice unfolds about 1.3 km and has 100+ suites, four totally different feeding choices, and spas. It’s known for its supreme services, amenities, options, and royal kind of accommodation.

2. The Chromatic

This is an urban titled resort spanning eight acres of simple foliage and water bodies. This edifice has a souvenir winning design and heart winning service. It’s set on the national highways, about 19 km from the urban centre. The closest airport from this resort is the Gandhi International airport and also the nearest railway network is from Gurgaon. It gets its name from the rosy decoration, royal outlook with an 18th-century fort tiled decoration. This suits each luxury and business traveller.

3. Neemrana Fort Palace

Neemrana Fort Palace Delhi
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Nothing says luxury more than a royal palace. Neemrana could be a historic palace, that has been restored into a royal edifice effervescent with royalty, tradition, and modern history. This is a vivacious edifice known for its service and sweetness. It is located in the urban centre on Jaipur Highways in Alwar, about 100 km from Delhi urban centre. The closest airport from this resort is the Delhi International airport and also the nearest railway network is from Alwar.

4. The Playhouse Resort

The Playhouse Resort
Image Credits: Google Images

I’m sure that you’re tired of the luxuries that rise out of royalty? It’s time to show some love towards nature. This resort contains a signature kind of dark wood decoration and with its location at Syari depression foothills. You get a decent view of Aravalli hills from here. Enclosed by farms the resort’s famous for its natural beauty. It’s set in Jaipur, which is about 200 km from the Delhi urban centre. Although it’s quite far from the urban centre, individuals ask for this place for its exotic kind of accommodation.

5. Westin Sohna

This is a resort that contains a signature kind of service. The resort is associated with nursing an exotic vacation with athletics, horse riding, fishing, blueness zorbing, etc It’s a stimulating resort set close to Gurgaon. This resort additionally contains a spa and a bar to rejuvenate you. The edifice is found in Gurgaon and is about 57 km from Delhi’s urban centre. The closest international airport from this resort is Delhi’s and also the nearest railway network is from Gurgaon.

6. Damdama Lake Resort

The Damdama lake Resort Delhi
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This resort located across the Aravalli region is about 20 acres. This resort is known for 2 main reasons. Firstly, the unparalleled service offered and the luxury of the resort. Secondly, the resort’s location in Gurgaon, just about 37 km from the Delhi International airport. These create the resort a good place for a leisure-weekend getaway spot. The best feature of this resort is the location. The resort is located close to Damdama Lake, swallowed with natural beauty, which incorporates crystal-clear pools, exotic birds, greenery, and sports facilities.

7. Heritage Village Resort and Spa

If you’re searching for a pampering vacation, you’ll be able to opt for a resort with an in-built spa that delivers signature treatment, holistic price, and most significantly, pampering luxury in each component of the holiday. Heritage Village resort, one such resort found in Gurugram of Haryana. It is about 43 km from the Delhi urban centre. The resort is located on the brink of the urban centre Jaipur main road creating it ideal for every kind of traveller. The resort has won the National commercial enterprise Award by the Government of the Republic of India for its mine-run kind of facilities and heritage titled decoration.

8. Surjivan Resort

Known for its reference to nature, this resort in Gurugram has always been the place opted by most Delhites. The resort offers signature tours like village tractor hunting expedition, gun shooting, zorbing, mountaineering, wall ascension etc. This resort isn’t only for those who love classic destinations. With the exception of the character component, the resort is effervescent with all business category amenities and advanced facilities.

9. Best Western Resort club

The Best Western Resort Club Delhi
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This resort is for those searching for a perfect vacation within the resort. The resort is located about 45 km from the urban centre of Delhi. This resort has all amenities and facilities ranging from even-toed ungulate hunting expedition to youngsters Park within the premises. If you’re searching for a resort that is youngsters friendly, this is often the most effective choice around urban centres.

10.Hans Resort

This resort is excellent to relish the weekend for a modern style. With the exception of a variety of intensive advanced facilities and services, the place has a well-known excellent digital decoration.

Apart from these beautiful resorts around the urban centre, there are various other alternative exotic getaway spots for every kind of tourist. Don’t wait longer and miss out on these amazing stays! Get your weekend getaway stay sorted with Pickyourtrail. Look up some of the best travel information of Indian attractions right here! Happy holidaying!

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