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Resorts in Kochi
Written by Rahul on June 29, 2020 Share on

Resorts in Kochi – Stay at the man created a paradise in this nature’s gift

Resorts in Kochi: Kochi is literally a city that will show you a blend of nature with the busy city life. This is a buzzing port city that has a very deep trading history attached to it and it is a significant city in the state of Kerala, India. It is considered the commercial, industrial and financial capital of Kerala. With one of the most popular market stores, art galleries and some great accommodations, this is a pool of islands that are interconnected by ferries.

This city is a wonderful display of a true ‘vintage-meets-future’ vibe. Known as the Queen of the Arabian ocean, this is one of the finest places for the tourists visiting Kerala. This city is also a spot to view the famous Kathakali and Kalarippayattu. You can witness these famous artforms during the annual Biennale festival. Now let us look at the resorts in Kochi which will make your stay in this wonderful city more convenient.

The Amazing City of Kochi
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Resorts in Kochi

Staying in Kochi itself is a wonderful retreat for the tourists. But staying in some of the best resorts in Kochi will uplift the experience that you are already having. Have some of the best stays in some of the most luxurious and naturally beautiful resorts to stay in. These resorts will not only be an uplift in your stay experience but also a great experience to observe nature in luxury. So here is the list of the finest resorts in the city of Kochi in Kerala.

Resorts in Kochi
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Cherai Beach Resorts

Built on beautiful lagoons, this resort is one of the finest resorts in the city of Kochi. With top-notch hospitality and some of the best amenities, it offers you a comfortable stay. This place is also surrounded by lush greenery and scenic locations you will literally connect with nature. With elegant rooms with brilliant interiors, this is the best getaway for those who are seeking to stay amidst nature. Blend in with the colourful skies of the city and sock yourself in the beautiful morning sun. This is one of the best beach resorts in Kochi for a comfortable stay.

Location: Munambam Rd, Vypin Island, Kochi, Kerala. (Cherai Beach)
Price: 5500 INR per night.

Cherai Beach Resort
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Vedic Village Resorts:

This laid-back village resort is one of the most picturesque resorts in Kochi. This will give you a truly tropical experience. This resort is a blend of a top-level comfort with a pick of wilderness. This resort is also well known for its very famous delicacies of Kerala food provided to the travellers. Get your unwanted toxins removed by the most soothing ayurvedic spa and thus gives you an awesome Ayurveda resort experience. This not only relaxes your body but also calms your mind and soothes your soul. There are serene backwaters in which you can go boating and also jump into the fresh outdoor pools. This is one of the resorts in Kochi that is actually preferred by families for the hospitality it provides

Location: VP Island, Near Moothakunnam, N.Paravur, Cochin, Kerala.
Price: 3500 INR per night

Ayurvedic Spa
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Sea Lagoon Health Resort:

With the vast Arabian ocean on one side and the fresh serene backwaters on the other, this resort has lots to give you. And with flawless amenities and magnificent views, it will be one of the best places to stay in Kochi. With Kerala’s culture and traditions blending in for some of the best Ayurvedic spa available in the city, this will take all stress leave out of your body and mind. This property has 35 well-furnished rooms with a great view from the private balconies available in each room. If you want a quiet and peaceful getaway retreat from the busy city traffic and commotion, then this is the best resort for that in Kochi.

Location: Sea Lagoon Health Resort at Cherai Beach in Vypeen Island, Cochin
Price: 6500 INR per night

Backwaters in Kochi
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Le Meridien Resort:

Tucked in between the calm backwaters, this 18 acres property is one of the most iconic 5-star properties in Kochi. There are well furnished 223 rooms and suites that look at the beautiful backwaters of Kochi. Located just about 6 km away from the city centre, this is located in one of the most convenient locations for the travellers. It has 14 huge banquet halls where each of it can hold up to 2500 guests. These banquet halls are at the size of 65,000 sq.ft. If you are seeking for something luxurious and connectable with nature itself, then the place that you have to reach is the Le Meridian Resort in Kochi.

Location: Panvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Highway, Nettoor, Maradu, Kochi
Price: 6000 INR per night

Poolside view of Le Meridien Resort
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Ramada Resort:

If luxury resorts in Kochi need to be defined with a perfect example, then anyone would mention the name of Ramada resorts. This offers the best amenities, great serene locations, comfortable accommodation, and delicious diner providing top-most comfort and luxury to the travellers. With beautiful lake facing rooms, comfortable deluxe rooms, the resort provides topmost comfort to its travellers. Well equipped with two fine dine restaurants and various styles of Bar including a pool bar, the resort keeps the customers to keep staying there and perplexing them with great amenities during the stay. There are totally 42 rooms out of which 24 rooms are lake facing. Minimally but beautifully furnished, the deluxe rooms are some of the best places to stay in the resort.

Location: Kumbalam South, Kumbalam, Kochi, Kerala.
Price: 6,230 INR per night

Ramada Resort

SAJ Earth Resort:

Setting one of the best examples for hospitality, ambience, food and comfort, SAJ earth resorts is one of the finest places to stay in. Conveniently located near the Cochin International airport, this is one of the most sought after places to stay in Kochi. It is present amidst the countryside of the Kerala state. Conveniently placed near some of the major attractions, this is a top pick for many travellers. Lulu Mall, Fort Kochi, Cherai Beach and Athirapally waterfalls are all near this resort. This makes it one of the most sought after places for many travellers around the world. This is the best place for all type of travellers. Be it for business trips or honeymoon or pilgrims, it is one ideal place for them to stay. This is one of the main reasons why this is among the best resorts in Kochi.

Fort Kochi near SAJ Elephant Resort
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Kochi is one destination that offers pristine locations to travellers. It is one of the best destinations to travel with your family and your loved ones and you can certainly visit it for its natural beauty. Also, do enjoy the stay with some of the best luxurious resorts in Kochi. Add one of these resorts to your Kerala Holiday packages and start planning your journey. Also, do follow the Pickyourtrail website to get more info on domestic travel.