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Become A Responsible Traveler – Let Your Travel Create An Impact!

Travel changes your life and travelers make a difference. Indeed. There are several travelers out there who not only change their life by travel but also the people around them. If you think travel brings happiness and confidence only to those who take it, then there is a lot more you should know about responsible tourism. Yup, there is a term for that. But how do you become a responsible traveler yourself? Is there chaos in your mind that you would miss all the fun while making a responsible travel experience? Or do you think why should you do it? Let me ask you this. When you have already decided to travel, why not do it responsibly? You might inspire a lot of people and isn’t that amazing?

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How to be a responsible traveler?

Travel is the top trend and we all know that it would only keep emerging. There are many experienced travelers and travel bloggers and yes, there are many beginners who want to start their travel journey. It’s only in the hands of the travelers to ensure that their experiences create a positive impact in the life of others and that’s how we all can travel better. If you aren’t a responsible traveler now, it’s not too late to become one. It is very simple. Just start with asking for permission when you photograph someone, being aware of what you post on your social handles, always explaining to your followers the cons of one place and not only the pros and so much more. Check out some of the responsible travel experiences and make the world, a better place.

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Steps to promote responsible tourism

  1. Promote small-scale tourism
  2. Visit the offbeat places
  3. Prefer local guides
  4. Be environmentally-friendly
  5. More to the wildlife

1. Promote small scale tourism

The first step to being a responsible traveler is to start promoting small-scale businesses. There are many local people running tourism but don’t get enough attention. Can we give them?

Buy things in local shops – Shop in the local market run by the people of that place thus promoting small-scale business. They sell things of top quality as other fancy shops so bargain reasonably.

Choose homestays and guesthouses over any 5-star hotels – Staying in a 5-star resort is awesome but staying in a homestay is a different kind of luxury. With locals, you will find a home in a foreign land.

Local shops
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2. Visit the offbeat places

I get the idea of visiting the hyped destinations and must-see places but have you ever visited an off-beat place? Once you know how amazing these are, you will never visit those ‘most-visited’ places. In the offbeat places, you will not be crowded, able to understand the culture more, eat authentic dishes and spend some quality time with the locals clicking pictures with them.

3. Prefer local guides

Book your activities with local vendors – They not only give you the best price but take you through the history and culture of every place you visit. They take you through the beautiful places, loveliest people and can give you suggestions on what to try on your vacation.

4. Be environmentally-friendly

Avoid internal flights as much as possible and choose any local transportation like trains and buses. For places nearby, take a walk. Choose cycles. There are even many bicycle tours available. Go on shared transfers instead of private ones. Avoid plastics. Go completely environment-friendly and inspire others to!

A traveler cycling
Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

5. More to the wildlife

There are many conservations giving life to the injured and endangered species. You can visit such places rather than a zoo and support such an act towards saving wildlife. There are even many rescue camps which you can be a part of. And, some activities like gorilla trekking will not only help you observe them but also help in raising funds for their conservation.

Responsible travel experiences

  1. Plant a tree in Costa Rica
  2. Indulge yourself in coral planting in Fiji
  3. Visit the Shanga River House

1. Plant a tree in Costa Rica

Post taking a nature walk in the Cloud Forest Reserve, you will realize how eye-catching the ecosystem at Costa Rica is. Though there are so many things that you can do there like taking a look at the coffee production and helping with reforestation efforts, you can actually plant a native tree (Sirri, Tubu Staffer Lauren or Cucaracha). There are many tours such activities promoting responsible tourism.

Planting trees
Photo by Nikoline Arns on Unsplash

2. Indulge in coral planting in Fiji

Now you not only watch corals but actually plant them. Corals are an important part of the marine ecosystem and been protected by many people already. What if I say that you can be a part of it? Fiji offers a chance to you for planting a coral thus making your travel worthwhile. It is called the coral aquaculture where they take care of the young corals until it’s well grown and transfer it into the natural environment.

3. Visit the Shanga River House

Shanga River House is an organization that helps people of their own who have disabilities. This is located in Arusha and spend some time here if you want to make a responsible travel experience. There are day trips that you can take as it has a craft store within which sells glassware, beads, paintings, handicrafts, and fabrics, done by the people there. Artists they are! Take the tour, buy the best-made products and donate if you can.

Don’t you think it’s time to travel and make it a responsible experience? So, when people ask, ‘Are you a traveler?’, I am sure your answer is going to be ‘A responsible traveler’. Now the big question. Where do you want to travel to? I am sure all the responsible travel experiences inspired you to visit, but it’s your call on where to start. To start off this experience, check out the Pickyourtrail website where we have amazing travel packages for you. Based on the experiences that you want to try, you are free to customize it. Let you be yet another reason for others to create a positive impact through travel!

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