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Best restaurants in Bur Dubai to tingle your tastebuds!

Dubai as a tourist destination is one of the most sought after places among the travel fraternity. Not only is it known for a variety of beautiful attractions, but the centre of it all is known for having mouth-watering cuisine. After all, a vacation is incomplete without trying out the food of another place. We bring to you some of the best restaurants that you should definitely visit in Bur Dubai to tingle your taste buds. Get ready for a scrumptious time in Dubai.

The Farm

Located in close proximity to Dubai Global Village, this literally lush restaurant literally has farm-fresh cuisine. The wonderful natural ambience of this resort coupled with organic food is the best way to detox. If you have unbelievably picky children, this restaurant is your best bet. You have the option to customise your meals as per your requirements and it will be brought to you just the way you asked for it.


Dubai restaurants
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This is an award-winning restaurant which offers scrumptious and elite cuisine. The customer service and atmosphere of this restaurant is perfect for hosting a birthday party or a family celebration. You can treat yourself to eight-course meals and delicious snacks at this restaurant. The best part about Ossiano is that you will get to witness the underwater life of Ambassador Lagoon while enjoying your meal. Now can it get more beautiful than this?

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How amazing would it be to experience Korea in Dubai? At Mannaland, you will get to indulge in authentic Korean delicacies in the Korean tradition. The beautiful ambience of this restaurant with the delicious ‘naengmyeon’ served while you are seated on Korean mats will transport you to another world altogether. The idea of this restaurant is to make sure that you have a memorable and peaceful dining experience.

Antique Bazaar Restaurant

An interesting name right? If you are craving Indian food in Dubai, Antique Bazaar Restaurant is the best place to be. Serving exclusive vegetarian food, this restaurant is all things Indian. Traditional Indian recipes comprising of ‘thalis’ and ‘dosas’ will welcome you when you visit this restaurant. This is also an award-winning place which is known for making one of the tastiest gulab jamuns and literally treats you to a royal feast. Isn’t your mouth watering already?


Bur Dubai Restaurant
Image source: Unsplash

How does a rooftop view of Dubai along with scrumptious food sound to you? Well, that’s QD’s for you. The Dhow Cruise which takes place along Dubai creek will surely take your breath away as you sink into the authentic feel of Dubai. The location of this restaurant is another advantage as it is near the Dubai Marina which is one of the most central places as far as tourist attractions are concerned. Get ready for a lavish experience in one of these best restaurants to visit in Bur Dubai.

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Ready for some Japanese food? Japanese cuisine is quite popular in Middle Eastern countries and more so in Dubai. ‘Tomo’ is a Japanese word which means long time friend. The entire atmosphere is very close-knit and gives a homely feel. It is sure to give you one of the ideal family vacation goals. Make sure you visit Tomo when you plan your vacation to Dubai. After all, a great vacation cannot be compromised on and a lot of it depends on the kind of restaurants you visit.

Don’t you feel like visiting all of these restaurants right away? The way to anyone’s heart is through food. Although the pandemic has brought the industry to a standstill, travel is life and cannot be stopped at any cost. With appropriate safety measures in place, your wanderlust can surely be fulfilled. Well, go ahead and explore your Dubai tour packages offered by Pickyourtrail. Get ready to experience the best vacation ever.

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