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Manchester REstaurant
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Restaurants in Manchester: The guide to Culinary heritage

The food scene with many good restaurants in Manchester is booming. Starting from local eateries selling inventive meals to big-name franchises pulling out the stops to please there are a variety of restaurants in Manchester. One of the delights of eating in this multicultural community is the range of dishes on sale, whether you’re opting for a fiery Indian brunch, an ethically-sourced British dessert or a high-end meal with complimentary food. And neighbourhoods have their own culinary characteristics, from hip Ancoats where creative independents continuously pop up to Spinningfields’ affluent business centre, to the more casual suburbs of the area. Here is a list of the 11 best restaurants in Manchester

Restaurant in Machester
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Top restaurants in Manchester

1. This & That

Since 1984 this & that has been serving rice ‘n’ three to hungry Mancs and it is still going high. A while ago, the family-run restaurant was redesigned – a divisive step that made it compete with the chic cafés around it – but their diner in the back-alley is still just as famous as ever. Expect no-frills eating and wide servings, and look out for the Sunday nihari special.

2. Lily’s Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

There is a well-trodden road from neighbouring IKEA to Lily’s, a perfect farewell present for hungry shoppers who have eventually entered the Scandi labyrinth. But even if you don’t need another Billy bookcase, thanks to inexpensive costs, experienced flavour combos and an impressive menu of over 100 dishes, this modest little Indian restaurant deserves its own outing.

3. I Am Pho

Go down the stairs of this low-key Chinatown basement to discover giant sincere pho dishes, filled with your choice of raw beef, beautifully fried prawns or tofu and mushrooms. Group for exchanging cooling summer rolls or crispy BBQ pork skewers. This Vietnamese café is certainly no-frills, but when you have a big appetite for next to zero, it doesn’t matter.

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4. 63 Degrees

In the excitement of Manchester ‘s latest restaurants, established favourites often don’t receive as much attention as they should; 63 Degrees is one of the most understated. Discover a little taste of Paris in the form of this family-owned restaurant, located in the buzzy Northern Quarter. The Moreaus abandoned their local glamour to get London a glimpse of the French world.

5. Where The Light Gets In

Where The Light Gets In draws serious food lovers from all over the world thanks to an imaginative seasonal sampling menu, a stoning wine selection and a friendly yet attentive service. The dedicated team works in the loft of a lovingly renovated Stockport Victorian coffee warehouse and much of the supplies come from their own local estate. For a more accessible taste, try their pop-up bar and vinyl night; it’s held on select Saturdays in their staff room – complete with ironing boards and jackets.

Manchester UK
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6. Mana

Slick and professional Mana prepares sophisticated meals using understated Uk produce and processing. Inn 2019 is Manchester’s first restaurant to carry up a Michelin star since 1977. The transparent kitchen loves entertaining visitors, from reindeer moss to nixtamalised corn broth with everything. The creative menu could not be the cup of tea for everybody.

7. The French at the Midland

Before Mana ‘s 2019 award, Manchester ‘s lack of a Michelin star was still a controversial subject and Simon Rogan ‘s presence at the French side was supposed to improve it. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen and Rogan left a while back, putting the French in the care of Chef Adam Reid, who was really competent. And then Reid has made his own the Grade II listed dining space, throwing off all preconceptions about stuffy fine dining and offering his own influenced twist on classic British cuisine.

Coffee house in Machester
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8. Erst

A beautifully designed room appears like it’s from a magazine’s cover and similar focus is given to producing fantastic menu tastes. An open-flame grill at the centre of Erst’s kitchen kicks out dishes that differ according to the season. Thought of ice-cold oysters, rosemary and plum-grilled pork neck, and squidgy confit squash with curds, and crunchy peas. Trust the team to suggest a good wine bottle, and it is one amongst the top restaurants in Manchester to settle in for the evening.

9. Trove

The big sister of Erst, Trove is the arm of this uber-stylish duo in Levenshulme. The South Manchester joint opened in 2011 as a dinky bakery and cafe and has subsequently developed into a flourishing restaurant and pub (open late Thursday to Saturday). This is a fast ride by rail from the city centre. With the top-notch cakes and bakes, baked flatbreads with tender roast lamb etc., the travel is well worthwhile.

10. The Creameries

Chorlton’s hip neighbourhood is like a select ‘n’ match of top restaurants, but none matches up with The Creameries’ ambition. Led by a formidable team that involves the much-loved chef Mary-Ellen McTague, the kitchen offers fixed menus for lunch and dinner with stunning presentations. Thoughtful dishes contain fried white hazelnut beetroot, home-smoked mackerel with mustard cream and pickles etc. It is one of the top restaurants in Manchester.

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11. Bundobust

The area is famed for Indian street food and craft beer. Started in Sheffield, Bundobust picked Manchester as his second base. Inside, with a smattering of retro Bollywood, it’s relaxed and hip; long circular dining tables groan under the weight of dishes that mix northern produce with Gujarati street food. The menu is vegetarian so even the hardest meat-eater wouldn’t have an issue with the menu. It is one of the best restaurants in Manchester for Desi food lovers.

Indian Restaurant
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