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Robben Island in Caopetown
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on May 27, 2020 Share on

South Africa’s Island of Political History – Robben Island

Capetown is located in South Africa and is also the country’s capital. The place is known for its museums, harbours, and its vibrant streets. The city is blessed with an incredible environment. No trip is complete without visiting the capital. Cape Town is a multicultural city, with its African and European mixed in its origins. People enjoy the most happening parties, nightlife, and restaurants that serve yummy food. While vacationing at Cape Town, be sure to visit Robben Island.

Robben Island is one of South Africa’s historical landmarks and was declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The buildings here symbolize the power of human spirit, freedom, and victory that every individual fought for. In Dutch, the island name once translated is known as the ‘seal island’

Entry into Robben Island
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Things to do here

1. Robben Island Museum

The museum provides information and insights into South Africa’s political history. The museum operates daily tours that begin from Nelson Mandela’s Gateway and end with a scenic ferry boat ride within the island.

2. Visit the prison

Did you know Nelson Mandela was imprisoned here? Yes. This prison was used as a political prison, and Nelson Mandela was held captive here for 18 years. The prison has multiple rooms but the most infamous is room number 7, which was Mandela’s. Like Mandela House, this is one of the places that people who admire the great man don’t miss to visit on their time in South Africa.

Robben Island
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3. Visit the penguin sanctuary

The Penguin sanctuary is a pleasant attraction at Robben Island. Not just artic, you can see penguins here. Visit the sanctuary to have a look at the cute birds of nature walking around. These birds are permanent inhabitants of the island and are not just mere visitors.

4. Lepers Graveyard

Like spooky destinations? Lepers Graveyard is one of the isolated places on the island is the Lepers Graveyard. Lepers. The graveyard is where the inhabitants of the islands were buried. There are roughly about 1000 graves here many of which do not have any headstones.

When is it a good time to visit Robben Island?

Though Cape Town is said to be a year-round destination, we suggest you visit during late January to April, when the weather is really pleasant and compatible to look around the island and it is also one of the best times to visit South Africa.

How to reach Robben island?

You can take a ferry from the Nelson Mandela Gateway. There are many ferries departing from there throughout the day and the boardings for ferries close 10 minutes prior to the departure, so make sure you are there early.

Robben Island has a rich history and is situated geographically in a fascinating environment. Travel to South Africa, a land filled with wonders. Every traveller is sure to find a thing that interests them to keep them occupied. For more travel packages and deals, head out to Pickyourtrail and customise your very own packages.

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