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Krabi in Thailand
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Learning Rock Climbing in Krabi – Everything You Need to Know

For all those looking to visit Thailand and Krabi in specific, the place, covered by monumental limestone rocks that have always attracted a lot of climbers from all over the world to scale their heights. In particular climbers visit Railay and TonSai in Krabi. The majestic karst formations of ancient limestone jut out along Thailand’s entire west coast and extend north and south into China and Papua New Guinea. Those magnificent nature wonders offer the best rock climbing opportunities in Krabi, Thailand. Many beginners are excited to try their hand and climb here, whether they are looking at an adventurous trek, or a serious sport. In Krabi, rock climbing is performed with additional safety guidelines and is practised on a regular basis when travelling on your Krabi travel package from India.

Rock climbing is a type of rope climbing where metal bolts are placed close together permanently on the rock and are used as a protection while climbing heights. Climbers are attached through metal bolts, to your partner climbing along or “belayer” on the ground and in case you slip, you will have to break and hang lose your harness. The rope will arrest the fall at a maximum of 50 cm and allows climbers of all levels to concentrate on improving technique.

Rock climbing in Krabi
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Learning Rock Climbing in Krabi

Rock climbing requires the skills of climbing and it doesn’t take a long time to become a competent climber. There’s a 3-day course that will give most people the confidence to go for a beginner’s route and perhaps even go for multi-pitch climbing if they progress in learning climbing fast. There are no special skills required, apart from the will to climb and it is a suitable activity for all age groups including young children. There are many rewards for climbers but the greatest achievement for climbers is when they reach the top of their route and view the unparalleled views of the world which you can relish on your Krabi holiday packages.

Rock Climbing Schools in Krabi

Climbing Schools in Krabi
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In Krabi, climbing schools offer special climbing programmes like a half-day taster, one day and three-day courses. The programme includes a small group with a guide, insurance, all equipment and refreshments. You can enrol directly at the climbing school in Railay or TonSai and for those looking at climbing Koh Phi Phi. Climbing is no longer allowed due to restrictions from the National Park. Seasonal climbers regularly visit Krabi for rock climbing. You can spot more than 700 bolted routes graded from easy F4 routes to pro F8c routes on your Krabi tour package.

The French grading system is used in the Krabi courses of actual rock climbing. There are many climbing schools scattered across the coast that can be booked on-the-spot. In peak seasons it is best to go through an agent. The courses usually consist of going over the basics during the climb and climbing a trial on day 1, making practical use of that with each climb increasing height.

There is no specific number for climbing and numerous visitors go for rock climbing every year. Krabi is famous for its latest climbing called deep water soloing. Climbers visit an island and free climb straight from the boat to a bare rock with no bolts or ropes. Climbers get back by diving and breaking into the clear waters. Currently, Deepwater soloing is banned on National Park islands in Krabi and if you are interested in deep water soloing you can enrol in climber schools and take it up once the activity is in practice.

How Do Rock Climbing Schools Function?

Equipments for Rock Climbing
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All equipment and requirements from shoes to bolts can be bought or rented from the climbing schools and you can also buy guidebooks showing all the local routes for climbing and if you are new to the place you can take a private guide along with you. For beginners and for experienced climbers who want to get to the best routes quickly these guidebooks are handy. Don’t worry if you are a solo traveller, the climbing schools are real fun. They’ll put you in touch with a climbing partner in both Railay and TonSai. Climbers should stay in Railay or Tonsai itself even if you are planning only for a one day trek. Transfers for hotel pick up and drop off are also available for all the guided courses.

How to get for Rock Climbing in Krabi

How to get for Rock Climbing in Krabi
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To get to rock climbing spots, visitors must first reach Ao Nang where you can spot of the climbing sites. Ao Nang beach is a 20 minutes drive from the city centre. You either rent a car or take a bus from Krabi city as well. From the airport, the beach is around a 30 minutes drive. Visitors travelling with families and children can rent a car as this will be more comfortable before you start climbing. Even staying closer to the rock climbing site will be a good option on your Krabi tour package!

Best Time to go for Rock Climbing in Krabi

The best season will be between October and March where the weather is dry, avoiding monsoon season. Training classes are for 3 to 4 hours and there are both morning and evening sessions. Krabi Rock Climbing starts from 9 AM and ends by 4 PM. The timings between different schools and the course is taken.

Rock Climbing Fees

Rock climbing in Krabi depends on the school one has chosen and the fees vary between 2000-6000 THB per person.

Learning Rock Climbing is not at all difficult and Krabi is one of the best spots to train yourselves and go for this adrenaline rush! Reasons outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings to Thailand. Krabi is going to be a delightful experience for you filled with adventure, luxury and tasteful experiences. Finding this guide useful? Start planning your Thailand trip and customise your itinerary on PickYourTrail! You can unwrap your itinerary with the top highlights of Krabi and have a memorable vacation with your loved ones!

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