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Written by Khusboo Mehta on July 5, 2019 Share on

4 Most Romantic Walks In The Lake District, United Kingdom

Sprawling hills, awe-inspiring views, and beautiful lakeside picnics—there’s few places in the United Kingdom more romantic than the Lake District. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect spot for that first date, or you need a romantic backdrop to reminisce, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best walks to do with your significant other in Cumbria’s park of natural beauty.

Gummer’s How

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While you can’t go wrong with pretty much anywhere along Lake Windermere, this lesser known point of interest in the ideal spot for couples looking to take a walk that offers a bit more time for peace and quiet.

Take a comfortable hour’s walk up the synonymous Gummer’s How, where you’ll be treated to the breathtaking view of Lake Windermere as you ascend up one of the region’s many hills. A mixed trail awaits you, composed of lush hillside greenery, trickling creeks, and if you’re lucky, a highland cow or two.

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With a small car park that’s free to use, this spot is also great for couples on a budget who don’t want to have to pay for expensive parking found closer to the town of Windermere. What’s more is that it’s not too uncommon to find an ice cream van nearby, so you can easily grab yourself an after-walk snack. Yum!

High Sweden Bridge

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Known for being full of character and a great spot for popping the question, High Sweden bridge is a small, quaint footbridge that manages to accrue thousands of visitors every year. The bridge is stooped in history, and is believed to have been built in the 1700s, making it a spot that’s truly hard to forget.

Start a trip from the north of the town of Ambleside and you’ll find the iconic bridge just a mile away — making the walk just as accessible as it is beautiful. On your romantic trip you’ll be able to spot and take in other local points of interest, such as the aptly named The Tower of Friendship and Beauty.

Ennerdale Water

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If privacy is what you’re after, there’s possibly no better destination than Ennerdale Water. Practically empty in the off-season, this glacial lake goes missing on a lot of top walk lists.

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While it will take a bit of a drive to get there, the awesome views of the massive body of water are easily worth it. You can expect to see very few people around thanks to being one of the more out-of-the-way lakes in the Lake District, but thankfully Ennerdale offers the best spot for a private afternoon with your partner.

Blea Tarn

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While the unusually named Blea Tarn doesn’t boast the biggest or deepest lake in the District, the small lake has some of the most impressive nearby scenery in the whole of Cumbria.

Decorated with a powerful mountainside backdrop, this untouched area of the British countryside is a fantastic place for ramblers and newbies alike. Surrounded by the Langdale Pikes, this walk shows off just how peaceful the Lake District can be. Luckily, while this beauty spot is still full of wildlife, it’s still easily accessible by car, and even has a National Trust car park nearby.

Once you’re finished taking in the view, feel free to wander over to the nearby pub for a romantic drink.

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