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Written by Deepak K on December 6, 2017 Share on

Rwanda announces visa on arrival to all travellers starting January 2018

As a part of the new visa regime, Rwanda has now announced a 30-day visa on arrival for travellers from across the world priced at $30 effective from January 1, 2018. Currently, only the African countries and a few other countries including US, UK, Germany, and Singapore enjoy the relaxed rules.

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“Citizens of all countries will get a visa upon arrival without prior application, starting January 1, 2018. Before that, only nationals of African countries and few others were getting a visa upon arrival,” – Yves Butera, spokesperson of the Directorate-General of Immigration and Emigration.

The new visa policy was approved on November 8th during a cabinet meeting chaired by President Paul Kagame.

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This will foster free movement of people improving trade and tourism inside Africa, thereby increasing the number of foreign investors coming to Rwanda. Speaking of the wonderful move, Ambassador Nduhungirehe said that the other African states will also follow suit.

While the tourist visa to Rwanda currently costs $30, citizens of Indonesia, Guinea, Chad, Central African Republic, Mauritius, Singapore, Democratic Republic of Congo, Philippines, East African Community countries, Seychelles, Haiti, Sao Tome, Senegal, Benin, Principe, and Ghana are eligible for free visas with immediate effect.

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For holders of diplomatic and service passports from India, Israel, Guinea, Morocco, Ethiopia, Gabon, Turkey, and Djibouti, there is also a visa waiver which is applicable from immediate effect. Further Comesa member states will be getting a 90-day visa on arrival.

What this also means for Indian travellers holding a valid Indian passport is you can enter Rwanda by air, sea or road and get your visas stamped on arrival at the Kigali International Airport.

It is also interesting to note that RwandAir launched direct flights from Mumbai to Kigali this September.

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