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San Lorenzo
Written by Rahul on May 15, 2020 Share on

San Lorenzo, The gem of Florence main market

My admiration towards the city of Florence only tends to grow more and more and have already started to wonder how that place is going to be when visited. One has visit San Lorenzo Basilica which will be the oldest church in Florence. It is situated in Florence’s main market district. This building also serves as the Burial place for all members of the Medici Family. This consisted of the Cosimo il Vecchio to Cosimo III. This was the city ‘s cathedral for 300 years. This architecture is a wonder to the eyes of the tourists who visit the cathedral. This church is also a part of a larger monastic complex which contains most of the important architectural and artistic works.

San Lorenzo In Florence
San Lorenzo In Florence P.C – Google Images

The 5 Facts Section about San Lorenzo

1. The San Lorenzo Basilica displays very Innovative features of the developing style of the Renaissance Architecture.
2. The Original building of the Basilica started around 1419. Due to the lack of funding, the progression of the building slowed and the original structure was changed.
3. The Grandest and the most celebrated part of San Lorenzo are the Cappelle Medicee (Medici Chapels).
4. In the Southern Transept of the building, The Corbelli Chapel it contains a monument of the sculpture, Giovanni Dupre to the wife of Count Moltke-Hwitfeld.
5. Michaelangelo designed and built the Inner Facade of the seen from the Nave looking back towards the entrances. He was first designated to build the Facade with the White Carrara Marbles in 1518.

Interior of San Lorenzo Basilica
Interior of San Lorenzo Basilica P.C – Google Images

The Direction Guide to San Lorenzo:

San Lorenzo is a gem of its architecture in Italy. This is one of the places that have to be visited once when visiting Florence. This is one of the top attraction sites that is visited by the customers.

Piazza di San Lorenzo, 9, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

By Walk:
The S.M Novella Station is a 7-minute walk from the Basilica.

By Bus:
The Bus services that take you to the gates of the Boboli gardens are:
14, 23 and C1

By Drive:
The drive is a 2-minute drive from the Basilica to the San Lorenzo Basilica.

Picture Courtesy: Google Maps (Street View)
Picture Courtesy: Google Maps (Satellite View)

Timings And Tickets Info:


Opening Days:
From Monday to Sunday

Opening Hours:
10.00 am – 5.00 PM

Closing Days:
Every Sunday
1 January
25 December
Liberation Day (Hours Might Differ)


The type of entry tickets for the San Lorenzo is a single entry ticket.
The ticket rates are the following:

Ticket Rates:
0-11 Years – Entry Free
11 and above – €6.00

Free entry:
For residents in the province of Florence, disabled and their help with their family members, and Tour guides.

Between May and September will be the best time to visit Florence.

Dress Code:

This place is more than a tourist attraction, it is highly noted for its religious beliefs and is considered the house of God. So, the correct dress code is:

  • Have arms, shoulders and legs covered for both men and women
  • Strictly no sleeveless tops and blouses
  • No miniskirts or dresses
  • No shorts for men
  • No hats.

I hope you have all the information about the architectural brilliance of San Lorenzo Basilica. This is one of the largest churches in Italy. This is also one of the most sought after activity in the whole of Florence. This should definitely be on your checklist whenever you will be travelling to Europe. All the major attractions can be fitted into a 4 day ideal trip to Italy with Pickyourtrail. Get ready to fill in your bucket list with the activity.

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