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sanchi stupa
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Sanchi Stupa: Know More About This World Heritage Site

Buddhism has the goal of defeating the pain and taking over of Nirvana which is the final state of happiness where all of one’s suffering goes away. It is almost like being on heaven, where there is a perfect balance between tranquillity and happiness. It means reaching a place of enlightenment. The famed Sanchi Stupa is where you can experience the golden teachings of Gautam Buddha. The monument showcasing the treasure of Buddhist art and design.

dome of Sanchi Stupa
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Sanchi Stupa is one of the most ancient stone structures to remain standing still in India. It was formed through the Mauryan period. The statues intricate, astounding monuments and dense gardens of Sanchi Stupa have been selected as the World Heritage site by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Sanchi is a little village which is situated right at the foothill really near to the capital city of Madhya Pradesh which is Bhopal. The attraction draws in travellers from all over the globe. The travellers love its age-old Stupas, beautiful monasteries and flourishing Buddhist culture. The Great Stupa at Sanchi is one of the most well-preserved Stupas with its beautiful escape calling in loads of pilgrims and wanderers. Want to learn more about Sanchi Stupa? Find below a one-stop guide on Sanchi Stupa that will reveal everything you need to know about this place.

History Of Sanchi Stupa

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The foundation stone of Shanti Stupa was first put down by one of the most renowned emperors of India who is Ashoka. He was the reason there was a Maurya dynasty in the first place. He approved the beginning of Stupas to distribute the last remains of Lord Buddha once again back during the third century BCE. This big dome is 54 ft. in height and in the shape of a hemisphere. It is made up of the main chamber where the remains of Great Buddha have been kept.

Sanchi Stupa’s same hemispherical structure is now in current times is doubled in width. The beloved wife of Ashoka, Queen Devi and their lovely heiress Vidisha overlooked the building of this monument. A sandstone pillar that holds the writings of Schism Edict by Ashoka adjacently with decorated circling Brahmi characters depicting conch shells attributed to ‘Shankhalipi’ was also built as part of the monument. The lower part of the Sanchi Stupa continues to be grounded. However, the upper parts are kept below a canopy named Chattra.

Pushyamitra Shunga was the general of the Maurya Dynasty. He killed Brihadratha Maurya who was the final ever Mauryan king back in 185 BCE and founded the beginning of the Shunga Dynasty. It is considered that the Stupa was damaged through the second century BCE, the times when the Shunga Dynasty came into power and begun. Post the beginning of Shunga dynasty, it was restored by his son, Agnimitra.

During the rule under the Shunga Dynasty, the enlargement of the Stupa was almost made double than its size when it was first built. Unlike last time, this was constructed with a flat dome made of stone slabs that hid the real Stupa made up of brick. The dome is completed by three big canopy-like structures which signify the ‘Wheel of Law’ also known as Dharma. The seat of the dome is a big circular drum that can be accessed by climing up a dual set of stairs.

Best Time to Visit Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupa
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The most suitable time to go tour Sanchi is during the months of November to March. This is highly recommended because the temperature of this place is soaring during the summer season. Going to Sanchi during the monsoon season will also be a magical experience Bu, it is not recommended as you may find it hard to go around the city and travelling into the place.

The timings to visit the Sanchi Stupa is starting from sunrise up until when the sun finally sets in the evening. You are granted entry anytime in this time period.

How To Reach The Place

Sanchi Stupa
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Since Sanchi Stupa is situated close to the capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, tourists like to usually hail a taxi from Bhopal to reach the Stupa complex. The closest Airport next to Sanchi is the Raja Bhoj Airport which is in Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal. However, Sanchi has a railway station of its own called Sanchi Railway Station which is connected well to the various parts of the country. The Sanchi Stupa is simply at a distance of 1.5 kilometres away from Sanchi railway station.

In conclusion, Sanchi Stupa is a world heritage site not known to many in the country. It is a magical experience to first hand see the history and heritage from the various dynasties in the past. Pick from a set of tour packages curated by Pickyourtrail or leave a WhatsApp enquiry for more details. You can also download the Pickyourtrail travel App for Android and IOS.

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