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Written by Akshaya Devi on July 17, 2019 Share on

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are rocking the Maldives on their honeymoon and you should, too!

“Paradise! Such a magical place! #discoversoneva”, says Sophie Turner A.K.A Sansa Stark.

“I found happiness”, her husband Joe Jonas joins Sophie in her shout out to the Maldives.

All over Instagram, Joe is full of smiles sliding right into the heart of azure waters and Sophie couldn’t stop getting her pictures clicked. What’s with the couple’s new-found love for the Maldives? We are about to find out in this post!

The Maldives is all these, and then some more! Here are some of the experiences you should never miss on your vacation to the Maldives!

The Maldives is a secluded retreat! It’s just you, turquoise beaches, sunset hues, and candle lights!

The strikingly tranquil ambiance characteristic to the Maldives makes it an unbeatable choice to go on a honeymoon trip. No crowd. No rush to check off tonnes of places to see. The Maldives is a go-to place for a completely relaxing vacation.

Cheesy? The Maldives, a watersports hub has a terrific adventurous side to it as well!

After a laid-back spa with a beach view, now is the time to kick off some adrenaline! Water, water everywhere, is manifested in the best way possible, into a plethora of watersport experiences including jet skiing, surfing and windsurfing.

If you think surfing above the sea is too mainstream for the Maldives — Go underneath!

The Maldives understands no two travelers are the same! For couples for whom no adventure is good enough, there are enough things to try for a series of vacations to come. Snorkel with the coral reefs, swim with the sharks, dine underwater or brave the wind by surfing with a kite!

The Maldives is home to the most stunning archipelagos in Asia if not the whole world

The Maldives is a chain of over 1,200 tiny islands elevated by rich coral reefs, chalk beaches and coconut groves. So many islands mean no two holidays in the Maldives look alike and you will come back with exclusive experiences, every time.

The Maldives is luxury redefined!

Watch the sun burying itself in the beach horizons while sipping on your cocktail from your private pool. From world-class massage sessions and luxurious dining scenes, Maldives is all things luxury! You will only be stuck with what to choose from an endless pool of extravagant resorts. Here you can take a look at the best tips for planning your Maldives honeymoon.

The Maldives sees that all of your romantic fantasies are catered to — however unrealistic! For instance, this:

You can swing over the Indian ocean in a stunning hammock like this, or go for a subtle candlelight dinner with incessant chatter with the crashing waves and the salty breeze to keep you company.

Don’t leave a spa evening out of your itinerary!

A night in the Maldives means spas under the moonlight with fruity cocktails and a relaxed walk by the beach later!

Sunrise like this is an everyday thing in the Maldives. Make sure you grab a view!

Not sure if it’s the picturesque coconut trees over gray huts or the cyan-blue waters painted by golden sun rays! The Maldives doesn’t even need to compete when it comes to having the most idyllic sunrise scenes.

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