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Sanur Beach Walk
Written by Nigilesh on November 14, 2022 Share on

Sanur Beach Walk Bali: Top 5 Magnificent Things to Do

Have you ever dreamt of walking along the serene shoreline with a beautiful waterfront vibe? Then Bali is your goto place. The well known Sanur coastline is filled with amazing experiences for people of all ages with the likes of cafes, restaurants, and resorts as well. This beach was once a fishing village and was colonised by Dutch and it is more towards the quieter side of Bali, unlike other beaches. So you get to see a mix of classic and contemporary eras making it an ideal place to lay back and relax. With that being said, let’s dive into the list of things that you can do while taking a stroll through this lovely shoreline of Bali otherwise called Sanur Beach Walk.


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5 Things To Do While You Take The Sanur Beach Walk

1. Catch The Beautiful Sanur Sunrise

Sanur Beach Sunrise
Image credits: Balimagazine

Starting off your day early with a Sunrise might just be the best bet for two reasons. One, this is one of the best sunrise spots in the country and two, very less crowded so that you can have the beach for your own. You’ll feel amazing after witnessing the sunrise in a peaceful setting.

2. Walk Along The Sanur Boardwalk

Walking alongside the scenic coastline is probably the most relaxing thing you can do. And you are provided with a paved walk called the Sanur Boardwalk that follows the beach. The good thing about this is that you won’t be having even the slightest of hiccups in finding a cab at any point of the walk. 

3. Water Sports

Looking to spice things up with a bit of adrenaline? Like every other beach destination in Bali, this has a wide variety of watersports to offer. If you feel just walking along the beach is not your thing then you can find many spots along the walk to have some fun with the water. Starting from Jet skis, windsurfing to standup paddle-boarding.   

4. Eat Some Food In Sanur

I wouldn’t be surprised if you forgot to eat the whole day, as the beach might keep you engaged in entirety. But if you want to eat, then you get to choose from a vast variety of foods based on cuisines. Not to forget the local Indonesian or Balinese food. The food that you get here is as authentic as it gets. One of the notable places for you to have great food options is the night market called Pasar Sindhu Market. Do not miss to try Martabak. 

Pasar sindhu night market in sanur beach
Pasar Sindhu Night market

5. Relax On The Beach

While walking along the beach, you will find some spots to relax. If you find yours, then that’s a perfect ending for the day that started with sunrise. You can take a swim or else you can just lay back and relax with some drinks for yourself. It is an ideal way to spend the evening with your loved ones. 

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