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Tips On How To Save Money While Holidaying In Dubai

Dubai is a huge layover destination for travellers travelling through Emirates Airlines as they transit all around the world (or Etihad visitors if they decide to tour the city from Abu Dhabi). What might shock travellers is the cost of living in Dubai, starting from cabs, restaurants, to basic needs. One does not anticipate that Dubai is expensive. But like every destination, there are an abundance of ways to save and visit Dubai while being on a budget if you look below the surface. Learn about how to save money in Dubai and also enjoy your holiday.

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How to Save Money in Dubai

Dubai doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket but it surely can if you aren’t cautious! Like most cities with remarkably high rates, many of the city’s citizens have discovered tips and tricks on how to milk every last dirham possible. Find below the tricks that will help you save money in Dubai.

Use Groupon

Groupon is big in Dubai, and you can find thousands of discounts, 2-for-1 special offers, and deals to grab on the website. If there is an activity you want to do, check there prior as there is a great chance you’ll get lucky with a discount that will help you save money in Dubai.

Grab Pizza For Lunch

pizza dubai
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Tucked inside The Dubai Mall close the entry used to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa is a spot called Debonairs. It’s positioned right in the food court on the ground level and has a pizza-and-drink lunch offer for 15 AED ($4 USD). It’s one of the best deals you can find in the city. The pizzas served are small but you can go for a bigger piece for 22 AED ($6 USD) but satisfying enough for lunch and will help you save money in Dubai.

Eat In Old Dubai

Get away from the swanky hotels, malls, and rich souks intended to make you imagine you are in Aladdin and rush into Old Dubai for cheap meals. The food at establishments in this area generally are priced at 20-30 AED ($5-8 USD) and will help you save money in Dubai compared to other areas. A popular eatery is Al Usted, an Iranian establishment near the Al Fahidi metro

Take The Metro

dubai metro
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While the metro only actually goes through the heart of the city, it does go to all the hotspots which are the marina, airport, and Old Dubai. You need to spend only 8 AED ($2 USD), it’s more affordable than any taxi. If you have to go someplace away from the metro, take a cab from the metro stop closest your destination. You’ll conserve time and around 30 AED ($8 USD). Otherwise, most cabs cost 40-60 AED ($11-16 USD) for anyplace in the heart of the city which will not help you save money in Dubai.

Find Where The Cheap Accommodation Is

All basic level hotels will be costing around $40-50 USD per night on online booking sites. On Airbnb, the individual rooms will cost around $35-45 USD range. If it is your first time using an Airbnb, get $35 discount your first stay.
There are three hostels in city that are priced $15-25 USD for six- to ten-bed dorm accommodations which are especially for people wanting to save money in Dubai.

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