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Eight Top Scottish Locations to Visit if You’re a Whisky Lover

Whisky has been distilled in Scotland for centuries. So, if you are a whisky lover, you are sure to enjoy visiting Scottish distilleries, bars and famous whisky-producing regions. 

Take a Private Whisky Tour of Scotland

As we shall see, Scotland is home to a number of distilleries and regions that any whisky lover will want to visit. But with so many to choose from, you might prefer to go on a private whisky tour in Scotland that is tailored to your requirements.

You have the option to choose a bespoke itinerary that could take in famous whisky regions like Speyside, the Lowlands, Islay and Campbeltown.

Furthermore, with a private tour, a knowledgeable chauffeur guide will accompany you so you can learn about things like how whisky is distilled and which whiskies are considered to be the finest in Scotland.

Whether you take a private guided tour or not, you are sure to want to visit the following eight top Scottish locations for whisky enthusiasts.

1. Lagavulin Distillery

Lagavulin Distillery is located on the island of Islay. It is famous for using a slow distillation speed and pear-shaped pot stills to produce its gorgeous single malt scotch. Incredibly, the distillery has been in operation since 1816.

2. Glenlivet Distillery

Glenlivet Distillery is nearly as old as Lagavulin Distillery. It was founded in 1824. Today, it is one of the largest single malt distilleries on the planet.

3. Glenfiddich Distillery

Seeing as Glenfiddich is one of the most famous whisky brands in the world – and with good reason: it is one of the best whiskies in existence – you will probably want to take a trip to Glenfiddich Distillery. It is still managed to this day by its founders William Grant & Sons.

4. Balvenie Distillery

As a whisky lover, you will undoubtedly enjoy visiting Balvenie Distillery because by going on a tour, you can see how every part of the traditional whisky-making process works, from malting the barley to coopering the barrels that the whisky is stored in at the end of the production process.

In fact, few distilleries even still use on-site malting and coopering, so you can really get a sense of the traditional whisky distilling and barrelling process at Balvenie Distillery.

Furthermore, the distillery makes some of the best whisky in the world. You can discover that for yourself with a free tasting session at the end of the tour. 

5. Highland Park Distillery

Like Balvenie Distillery, Highland Park Distillery likes doing things the traditional way. Within the walls of the distillery’s stone walls, you will discover maltings, kilns, copper stills, and raging peat fires, and in the warehouses, you will be bowled over by the sight of 45,000 casks of whisky.

Highland Park Distillery is located on the beautiful Orkney Islands, which is a nature lover’s dream. So, if you love nature as much as whisky, you will certainly want to take a trip to the Orkneys.

6. The Black Cat

While you will be able to sample some tots of whisky during distillery tours, you are sure to also want to wind down in the evening with a whisky at some of Scotland’s best pubs and bars. In Edinburgh, head to The Black Cat. It has whisky galore!

Plus, the venue has many classic whiskies as well as new and limited whiskies. The staff are very knowledgeable too, and they are happy to recommend whiskies to suit your taste. 

7. Bertie’s Bar at The Fife Arms 

In Braemar, you will want to check out Bertie’s Bar at The Fife Arms. Around 365 whisky bottles line the walls. And in addition to Scottish whiskies, you can try whiskies from various countries, including the Netherlands, France, and Japan. 

8. The Pot Still 

If you think 365 varieties of whisky is a lot, think again. The Pot Still in Glasgow has more than 800 whiskies from Scotland and many countries around the world. Furthermore, the bar is one of the oldest in Scotland. It dates back to 1867.

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