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All About The Sparkling Seasons Of Scotland

Tucked away in the northwestern part of Europe is the fairytale country, Scotland. Scotland has a long history, it has magnificent castles stand as an example to it. The country is filled with lush green landscapes, fine scotches, and blue coasts. Planning to visit this beautiful country? Want to know the Seasons of Scotland, to plan your trip? Because planning your trip at the right time, is always the best thing to do! Below is a short summary of the Seasons of Scotland. Keep reading to know the perfect time for you to travel.

Scotland view
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Seasons of Scotland

Peak Season in Scotland

Scotland experiences its peak tourism season during the summer months (June to August). Peak tourism season is also due to the summer vacation in schools and colleges. It makes this period the busiest time of the year for Scotland. The flight ticket prices are at their highest during this season. The mild weather is enjoyable and the sunny days are ideal for sightseeing and other outdoor activities.

What is the summer season like in Scotland?

The summer that Scotland experiences are much warmer than any other country. Summer in Scotland is usually somewhere between 11 to 17 degrees celsius. The entire country looks beautifully decored with natural orange leaves. The streets are crowded with tourists and the locals.

Key attractions in Scotland during the season of summer

  1. The country of Scotland celebrates the Edinburgh Festival Fringe every year in the month of August. It is said to be the largest festival to take place in the country with attractive performances. If you are visiting Scotland in the month of August, be sure to take part in this colourful festival.
  2. Scotland as a country boasts its military. The country hosts the biggest military parade. Along with the parade, the government also organises games and performances during this month. This parade is known as the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Shoulder Season in Scotland

Shoulder season is when the number of tourists visiting the country starts to go down. Scotland sees shoulder-season from March to May and September to October.

What are spring and fall season like in Scotland?

Spring in Scotland

As far as the weather goes, Scotland has an unpredictable climate. You get to see the vibrant in the lands of Scotland. Surrounded by daffodils and butterflies, the country displays the colour of warmth and happiness during the summer. The average temperature of Scotland in Spring is somewhere between 3 – 10-degree celsius. Spring is also said to be one of the driest months in Scotland. But it is also the perfect time for some adventure sports like cycling, trekking, hiking and even golfing.

Spring in Scotland
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Key attractions in Scotland during the season of spring

  • Beltane is a pagan fire festival that is held in the country of Scotland, every year at the end of April. This festival marks the end of the winter season.
  • The famous Highland Games of Scotland start in May. These games include massive athletic events like tug of war, tossing the caber and piping. The highland games go on till the end of September.

Fall in Scotland

Fall is said to be the wettest season in Scotland. The overall temperature of the country goes down to the lowest during these months. The average temperature is somewhere between 11 – 17 degrees celsius. For all the locals out in Scotland, fall is one of the favourite seasons. The resident of Scotland tends to travel more during these months. Autumn also is known as fall is the perfect time for all outdoor enthusiasts. If you are an adventure lover, fall is again the perfect time to go cycling, trekking, hiking etc.

a train on the bridge
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Key attractions in Scotland during the season of fall

  • The Braemar Gathering is the one among the famous Highland games in the world. Competitors from around the world come together to take part in this.
  • The Highland Games is a popular event that starts in May as the Spring comes and goes on until the end of September which is the end of Fall. It involves heavy athletic events.
  • The country also celebrates the Findhorn Bay Festival. A well-renowned celebration for art and culture. It receives a participation list from locals as well as international artists.
  • For all those whiskey lovers, fall is a perfect time to visit. The country organizes the Autumn Speyside Whisky Festival during the fall season.

Low Season in Scotland

In Scotland, winter is said to be the low season or the offseason. The number of tourists here suddenly goes down. But if you are someone who loves winter, this is the best time visit to be cost-efficient. There are several offers and sales as Christmas and New Year’s near.

What is winter season like in Scotland?

Winter is Scotland’s favourite season. The first snowfall of the year is experienced in November of every year and the end of October. The temperature here goes to below 0 degrees at some days. However, the average temperature of the country stays somewhere between 2 – 7-degree celsius. The nights in Scotland are longer than the usual. The city of Edinburgh, which is the capital city, experiences heavy snowfall and chill winds.

Snow covered mountains
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Key attractions in Scotland during the season of winter

  • St Andrews Day is celebrated on 30th November. It is to celebrate Scotland’s patron saint with feasts, music and dances.
  • Hogmanay is a Scottish Festival to celebrate the New Year. Its main highlight or feature is live music and fireworks.
  • On the 25th of January of every year, Burns Night is celebrated. It is a celebration and a tribute to Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet who also happens to be their favourite. There is so many poetry written and read on this day.
  • The Fort William Festival takes place during February every year, which celebrates everything about the mountainous. The event also includes pep talks by famous mountaineers and films.
  • Glasgow on Ice is a musical event that is organised and held from late November to the end of December.

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