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Seetha Amman Temple
Written by Duvvuru Anvesh on November 16, 2022 Share on

Seetha Amman Temple – Sita’s abode in Lanka

The Seetha Amman Temple dedicated to Seetha, Lord Ram’s wife is located in the hills of Nuwara Eliya. This is the only temple that is dedicated to Seetha Mata in the world. This place is also one of the most important Ramayana-related places in Sri Lanka. It is said that Seetha Mata spent her days in this place after being abducted by the evil king Ravana approximately 5000 years ago. Devotees also believe that there a few signs that the monkey-god Hanuman’s feet near the temple. The temple is located amidst a lush botanical garden on the slopes of Nuwara Eliya. Read on to know more about the history of the Seetha Amman temple and other details.

Significance of the Seetha Amman Temple

As mentioned, this temple is one of the most important Ramayana-related places in Sri Lanka. The soil around the temple is black in color. This corresponds to the belief that Lord Hanuman burnt down the area before he left Sri Lanka. There is a stream that flows by the side of the temple which runs down from the hill. This stream is believed to have catered to the needs of Seetha Mata during her stay here.

Footprints of varying sizes are found in the rocks nearby the stream. This relates to the legend that Lord Hanuman rested on these rocks while trying to rescue Seetha Mata. The varying size of footprints corresponds to Lord Hanuman’s ability to change sizes as mentioned in Ramayana. And, about a century ago, three idols were discovered in this stream which led people to further believe that their ancestors used to worship them. Devotees throng to this place where Seetha has supposedly spent time and they are convinced that this part of the epic Ramayana has taken place here. This belief, along with the splendid beauty of the location makes this place worth the visit.


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Where is the temple located?

The Seetha Amman Temple is situated approximately 1 km from the Hakgala Botanical Garden and about 5 km from the village of Nuwara Eliya. The temple is in the Seetha Eliya village, the place where it believed she was kept captive by Ravana. You can reach Nuwara Eliya by rail or road. But the nearest airport to this beautiful location is the Bandaranaike International Airport. You have access to a local auto-rickshaw, a cab, or a bus from either the airport or the train station to the Seetha Amman Temple.

Some details that might come in handy

  • The temple is open 365 days and it has two timings for worship – one in the morning and one in the evening. The morning time is from 8 AM to 1 PM and evening time is about 2 PM to 6:30 PM.
  • There isn’t any entrance fee for the temple. But you can donate some amount to the temple. But the worship rituals cost about 100-200 Sri Lankan Rupees.
  • You’d need a minimum of 30 minutes to explore the temple and the surroundings.
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is to make sure you wear a pair of long pants, a skirt, or anything that covers your knee. And also, cover your shoulders. This is a religious place and it is best to respect their sentiments.

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If temples are something that you like to visit, and you have an interest in Ramayana, this place is a must-visit. Even apart from the temple, the place in itself is beautiful and definitely should be on your itinerary. Coming to itineraries, if it’s something we can help you with, do reach out to and a travel consultant will reach out to you. Alternatively, do check out our Sri Lanka tour packages. But either way, Happy Exploring! 😀

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