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Seychelles – A true paradise

If you love sitting by the window seat soaking in all the pristine views, then you must be familiar with the effort and the luck it involves to get a seat by the window. Yet, the views from that seat are always worth the struggle. One such reassuring moment for me was when I was flying to Seychelles.

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Image credit: Garima Verma

From a tiny green island floating on the sea, the view changed to azure blue waters which then turned white as they crashed the shore. I was already on cloud nine priding myself for the acute love for the window seat. Once on land, the island destination welcomed me with its untouched beauty and unbridled love. Imagine a compact airport, abundant coastline, and the greenery of hills, all in one frame. It was my first tryst with picture-perfect vistas of this archipelago.

Image credit: Garima Verma

As John drove me to the hotel of Beau Vallon of Mahe Island, I could not help but admire the burst of colours of nature and how well the people complimented the tone. Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove, meanwhile, was one among those idyllic, romantic getaways of Seychelles that any couple would be dreaming of. Probably the reason why Prince William and Kate also chose to honeymoon on one of Seychelles’ islands!

Image credit: Garima Verma

The hotel was also a peep into the country’s love for a simple life and happiness. You work for five days and spend the rest partying or lazying around on the beaches sipping on the sweetest of the coconuts – the King Coconut, with a striking yellow colour.

After all, if you have such ivory beaches at your disposal, why would you want to go anywhere else to have a good time? The sparkling turquoise waters of Seychelles had me spellbound to the extent that even the non-swimmer in me wasn’t able to resist the new-found love for water. All I wanted to do was to splash into the infinity pool once the evening tides start spelling danger. If you knew all about great evenings, wait till you experience one at Seychelles. They surely can’t get better than floating in a calm pool, sipping on the cocktails made from the local spiced rums, coconut liqueurs, and just gazing at the setting Sun that fills the sky with tones of amber. The night, however, gets even better. Thanks to the French influence, the Creole cuisine is exotic with an abundance of seafood (read fish, crabs, lobsters, snail, octopus and more) and the desserts are no different. Coupled with live country folk music and a dash of Calypso rhythms, I somehow had the feeling of being in heaven. The admiration for natural beauty and the simple way of leading a happy life just increased with every passing day.

Image credit: Garima Verma

With its planned spic and span roads, colonial structures, and green pathways, the capital city of Victoria was nothing short of a modern French colony. It was also a delight for someone like me who loves walking as most destinations were within walking distance. The Clock Tower erected in the memory of Queen Victoria of England, Natural History Museum where you get lessons on the legendary Coco De Mer, the National Park, and the street market can all be explored on foot.

Image credit: Garima Verma

Kenwyn House at Francis Rachel Street is an elegant example of French colonial architecture and a must-see yet often-ignored in Victoria. It also offers the visitors a chance to browse through the world-class jewellery from the Home of JOUEL – the premier luxury retail company in Seychelles. The collections on display are inspired by the Seychelles islands.

Image credit: Garima Verma

There are a lot of restaurants near the Clock Tower, and one among them was The Pirates Arms, with a small casino inside the restaurant. I still crave for its pizza and the cocktails despite the fact that the casino made me lose some money. Such is the charm of Seychelles. Although the destination is far from India, the amount of Indian influence will make you feel at home. Many buildings and shopping complexes belong to Indian owners and are named so.

Image credit: Garima Verma

Apart from a number of Bank of Baroda branches, the Quincy Street took me right back to India with its magnificent Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple, constructed in familiar South Indian style. The currency of Seychelles is also rupee – Seychellois Rupee. Discover amazing Seychelles tour packages by Pickyourtrail and customize your holiday.

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