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white shark you can witness in shark cage diving
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Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town – Challenge your Wits!

The capital city of South Africa, Capetown is one of the adventurous cities in the country, It is home for one the most daredevil activity in the world, The Shark Cage Diving Experience. It is the most celebrated adventure in the country with Cape town being the hub to experience it. If you are looking for something to satisfy the thrill-seeker within you who loves the rush of adrenaline, then shark cage diving is what you need. Our South Africa tour packages offer an array of thrilling adventures, ensuring an unforgettable journey through this diverse and captivating destination.

Furthermore, Because South Africa is gifted with lavish waters around the country, The activity of great white shark cage diving experience in Capetown and other kinds has become commercialized. Being the hub for the cage diving experience, there are multiple locations at which you can do the same in Cape Town. If you want a closer look at the great white sharks, Then False bay is the perfect place to do so. One of the most amazing things to do during the diving would be to make direct eye contact with the great white sharks and the same can be experienced at False Bay. Dyer Island in Gansbaai is another exciting place to dive with the sharks, as its a location that holds a record for having the largest number of white sharks. The city of Cape Town offers much more than this, One can see a large colony of Cape fur seals by visiting Seal Town which is a unique experience. Get your adventure boots on as you visit one of these locations to have your day loaded with fun. Explore all these thrilling experiences and more by booking a Cape Town tour package.

great white shark in cape town
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The History of Shark Cage Diving

The idea was developed by a shark attack survivor, called Rodney Winston Fox. He was attacked by a shark while taking part in a spearfishing contest that was held in Australia. He got through the attack and survived with 450 stitches! To understand sharks and to know more about these striking beasts commonly referred to as monsters, He built a cage in order to watch them closely. Following this, Many commercial ventures followed the idea of viewing sharks from the cages, and thus the concept of shark cage diving was born. 

shark cage diving, capetown
Image Credit: Google Images

Diving Experiences in Cape Town

One of the most known locations on earth to do the diving experience with the sharks would be Gansbaai. This experience is famous for its great white shark cage diving and provides the best look at these large beauties. The people at Gansbaai know their sharks and can clearly identify the difference between the bull sharks and great white sharks. In addition, The diving in Gansbaai is also closely located to Cape Town [ 8 Kms Away ] and helps one find the shark alley, Which is popular for its population of great white sharks. The entire diving activity gets over at Hermanus, post which guests would be transported back to the tour starting point. 

Shark cage diving experience in gaansbaai
Image Credit: Google Images

If you are an adventure enthusiast who looks to challenge your fears, then be sure to add shark cage diving to your bucket list while planning your trip to Cape Town. Plan your trip to South Africa with Pickyourtrail for the best vacation experiences and customise your very own itineraries. Alternatively, You can also check out the available packages on the Pickyourtrail Website. 

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