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Shopping in Bali
Written by Rhea Alex on May 14, 2020 Share on

Shopping in Bali: What to Buy & Where to Shop in Bali in 2023

Bali has now become a ‘Mecca,’ for tourists looking to shop – with its skilled craftsmanship and amazingly cheap prices. Here are a few details for you to consider, when you’re in a dilemma with regards to shopping in Bali and what to buy and where to shop in Bali. There are also a number of varied questions that come to mind when you’re looking to shop: is the item I’m buying worth it, where do I get what, money conversions, bargaining; here’s your ultimate guide to making the most of your shopping spree.  

Shopping in Bali: The Best Balinese Products to Buy

  • Batik and Indigo Fabrics
  • Woven Baskets and Bags
  • Palm Leaf Weaves
  • Coconut Shell Products
  • Leather Items
  • Macrame
  • Balinese Handmade Lace

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1. Batik and Indigo Fabrics

The ‘ Batik and Indigo Fabrics,’ are both traditional Indonesian styles of dyeing fabric in Bali. This is a process wherein, the wax is applied so as to stop the dye from penetrating further into the fabric. The colour of the waxed part differs from the colour on the rest of the cloth. The stores at the ‘Jl. Monkey Forest,’ is a great place to find this fabric, you will also find them at most places in Bali. So get your shopping bags ready, and enjoy shopping in Bali of these beautiful fabrics.

The ‘Indigo Fabrics,’ is yet another fabric that is dyed and popular in Bali. This is a natural and organic process that is extracted from the Indigo plants directly, thus giving the fabric an entirely natural dye. The ‘Indigo Fabrics,’ make for beautiful homewares, that aren’t very cheap due to the detailed process that goes into making the dyes. If you do come across a handmade traditional fabric, it’s definitely worth a buy as you won’t find it anywhere else. 

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2. Woven Baskets and Bags

Woven Baskets and Bags

The popular ‘Roundie Bag,’ is one of the best goods to shop in Bali. Woven by the local villagers, they comes in a large variety of patterns/designs. Tourists can also find trays, containers, and much more that have been traditionally made. You will be able to find these pieces of art at most shops in Bali or at the Ubud Markets. The cost would be approximately $15-20AUD per bag. 

3. Palm Leaf Weaves

Tourists can also find an abundant variety of items that are woven with Palm leaves – totes, hats, bags, and much more. These items are found in a wide range of colors and designs, the most popular being tan and black. Head towards ‘Jl. Karna,’ in the Ubud Market to find these items at the most affordable costs and get the most of shopping in Bali. 

These bags serve as an iconic element as the sheer natural beauty of the bags are something every tourist visiting Bali will want to have on their must-buy list. So make sure to have a bag or two in your suitcase, as you leave Bali.

4. Coconut Shell Products

One can also take back souvenirs made from coconut in the form of – bowls, candle holders, ornaments, and many more. The cost of each item ranges around 5AUD each.

Known to be one of the most popular and sought after decors elements in Bali, these ‘Coconut Shell Products,’ offer a distinct and antique look to your homes. There is a wide array of coconut shell products offered to tourists, most often travellers find themselves confused as to which products they should pick over the other. The Bali shop keepers and sellers are also mindful of this process and help tourists pick and choose the products that would mean something to them in the long run. While shopping in Bali, make sure to buy some coconut home decor just for you.

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5. Leather Items

Tourists who are into leather products will be delighted to find the amazing range of leather goods collection that is produced locally here. Be it leather bags, shoes, or anything at all, you will find it here. Please remember to try out the sizes of the items you purchase before you actually buy it. The prices for leather goods are much cheaper than most other places and bargaining is a possible option here making it one of the best buys on your shopping in Bali. The average costing for your leather goods would be about $45AUD to  $30AUD, at the least. 

6. Macrame

You will find almost everything from wall hangings to dream catches, there is so much macrame for tourists everywhere available for shopping in Bali. These items are abundant in Bali and vary in size, shape, color, and what not !!

7. Balinese Handmade Lace

The ‘Balinese Handmade Lace,’ is most often made and stitched into beautiful clothing items. These dresses, tops are sold across all the stores in the main streets of Ubud. Unfortunately, bargaining isn’t an option here, as each item has a definite price to it, with a ticket marked across them. 

Places to Shop: Where to Shop in Bali

Tourists who are keen on window shopping in Bali could most definitely pay a visit to the ‘Canggu,’ area of Bali; where you will find a unique range of boutique and quality items – all at your disposal. If you’re into authentic homeware, then the ‘Bungalow Living,’ is a must-visit store for you, while you’re at Canggu.

Traditional handicrafts, garments, and accessories can be found by tourists in the local markets of ‘Ubud.’ These artisans are the folks who live in and around the villages near Ubud and are skilled labourers, who have been crafting these goods for ages. Though the prices of the items are much cheaper than what you’ll find back home, tourists could try bargaining to get the best prices as well. 

A must-visit for tourists is to head over to the ‘Jl. Raya Tegallalang Road, stretching across 8kms with a large variety of stores selling – homeware, crafts, furniture, and much more. The unique distinguishing factor about this stretch is that here, each individual shop sells only one particular item – be it bamboo chairs, ornaments, light shades, and so on; every item sold is unique to that particular shop. So make sure to head towards this road, while Shopping in Bali.

Thus, tourists have an endless number of reasons that outnumber why you wouldn’t want to shop in Bali and take home some of Bali’s best local produce. Go ahead and kick-start your bookings to this vibrant, most happening place today. We at ‘Pickyourtrail,’ ensure you get the best travel experience and can’t wait to plan an amazing Bali package for you.


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